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lunedì 3 novembre 2008


Pagina web dell'architetto Ted Ngai dove nella sezione Experiments si possono trovare molti interessanti progetti con relativi script e file di grasshopper. Fra tutti segnalo questi due dove si intefaccia Ecotect con Rhino:
mesh data 2 rhino
mesh data 2 rhino 2

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Anonimo ha detto...

hello, thank you for your writing and information - your blog is very interesting,
is there any possibility for you to publish it in english as well?
unfortunately, I don't speak italian, and very often I wish I could read as well what you are writing, best regards

Andrea Graziano ha detto...

Hi bojana,in the next days i try this:http://www.conveythis.com/

Many bloggers ask me for a translation but i make this blog for the italian students and architects interesting in this kind of things becouse in Italy there's few sites where found generative news. I think that in a near future i make a double comment for each post - italian and english but i've few time and many news. Every post has a little description in a "tag" style and so, i think, you don't need to speak italian to understand my post. Thank you for reading my blog and keep in touch! Andrea