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mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

3ª Edition Premio PFC 2009

Award Details

As in previous editions, the aim of this award is to encourage research and refection among architecture students. The present edition of 2009 wants to deepen in the double condition of our daily work: at the same time local and global. As architects, we work in a cross-cultural and diverse reality, using a big variety of media and tools. At the same time, we are affected by the homogenization process of globalization, digital technology and communication. The aim of this competition is to refect and to contrast all this complexity.The brief for the competition is free of topic. The jury will select Final Year
Diploma Projects that, taking into account specifc geographical and cultural issues, provide a creative and innovative architectural answer in the ambivalent feld of attention to local and global scales, from affordable technology to maximum possible innovation.

ACXT Architects, is a team of professionals who aim to take a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach to architecture. It is a part of the engineering group IDOM, from which it has inherited its philosophy of teamwork and action.
IDOM, is an international frm offering multi-disciplinary professional services. It has offces and professionals working worldwide, mainly specialising in Consultancy, Engineering and Architecture.

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