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venerdì 4 dicembre 2009

RABBIT: tools for Grasshopper v.0.1.00

Per chi ancora non ne fosse a conoscenza lo studio MorphoCode ha rilasciato questa fantastica plug-in per Grasshopper.

"RABBIT provides a new toolbar with custom components that could solve specific design problems. RABBIT v.0.1.00 contains 6 new components that could produce multiple Cellular Automata variations such as: 2X2, 34 Life, Amoeba, Assimilation, Coagulations, Conway's Life(ghx included), Coral, Day&Night, Diamoeba, Flakes, Gnarl, HighLife, InverseLife, Long life, Maze, Mazectric, Move, Pseudo life, Replicator, Seeds (2), Stains, WalledCities…. The first release includes also a small list of pre-defined patterns."


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