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lunedì 19 aprile 2010


"The Digital Fabrication (Dfab) in Architecture studio
Tutor: Assist. Prof. Shinya OKUDA

The Dfab in Architecture studio will introduce advanced Design to Fabrication flow, such as 3D modeling, Simulation, Digital Fabrication and Physical assembly and testing. It will explore one of the most significant and latest design and fabrication shifts in contemporary construction industry. The studio will commence with workshop based hands-on exercise with 3D printer, Laser engraver and CNC router. Precedent architectural case studies will be discussed to illustrate the concept. Individual design projects will be followed to apply the Dfab approach into actual context, while coping with site, programmatic, structural and environmental constraints. Rigorous works on simultaneous digital modeling and physical fabrication will be demanded. Key outputs will be established design to fabrication flow, individual large-scale digitally fabricated architectural models and relevant 2D drawings and diagrams."


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