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lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Digital Design + Fabrication - Ball State University

Blog del corso tenuto da Joshua Vermillion presso la Ball State University. All'interno sono postati alcuni interessanti tutorial inerenti Grasshopper, laser cutting e la digital fabrication.

"This course is designed to survey a wide variety of contemporary design and fabrication tools to empower you for the rest of your academic and professional career—demystifying design software and CNC tools—and laying the groundwork for skill sets which link your design process to a design-to-fabrication feedback loop. Throughout the semester, the course will delve much deeper into specific ideas, tools, and techniques, as well as the larger ramifications that emerging digital technologies are having on architectural theory and practice. This depth will be emphasized through a series of hands-on, iterative modeling and fabrication assignments and a small, selected set of readings and discussions."

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