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mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

i-TAC | Intro to Technically Advanced Construction

The new format of the i-TAC course offers the opportunity to limited number of students and professionals (10 seats available) to participate only to the first phase of the course, for a total period of four weeks.
This option, which is to implement the original teaching formative offer, is called i-TAC, or Intro to Technically Advanced Construction.

Those wishing to attend only the first phase of the program will be able to accurately investigate a series of innovative theoretical approaches (design strategies, emergent systems and self-organization, information theory, computation material, and form finding) in an integrated specific software environment.

i-TAC will be held from April 4 to May 7, 2011, and includes the first four weeks of teaching:

- Evan Greenberg [AA_London, EmTech]
- Christina Doumpioti [AA_London, EmTech]
- Matias del Campo [SPAN Architects]
- Sandra Manninger [SPAN Architects]
- Oliver Tessmann [Bollinger + Grohmann]
The cost of i-TAC is € 2000.

To apply send an email to apply.tac@polimi.it enclosing the application module by March 28, 2011.

Link to i-TAC webpage
Link to TAC website

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