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giovedì 19 maggio 2011

hoopsnake: Iteration in Grasshopper

"HoopSnake, apart from a legen­da­ry crea­ture, is sim­ple com­ponent for Grasshopp­er. What it does in prin­ci­ple is to create a copy of the data it re­ceives at it's input upon user re­quest and store it loc­al­ly. This dup­licate is made avail­able through a stan­dard Grasshopp­er para­met­er out­put. What turns this op­era­tion from mun­dane to ac­tual­ly pro­mis­ing is the fact that the input of the com­ponent in­cludes some cus­tom pro­gramm­ing to es­cape Grasshop­per's re­cur­sive loop avoidan­ce check. What this means in prac­tice is that it is pos­sible through the use of HoopSnake to send the out­put of a set of com­ponents back to it's input in a loop­ing fash­ion. With the help of a lit­tle bit of Data Tree / Data List man­ipula­tion, this should open up some new pos­sibilit­ies for iterative pro­cess model­ing."

Link to Volatile Prototypes website
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