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lunedì 18 luglio 2011


Blog held by the architect Giulio Castorina with some interesting tutorials inside about Revit-Ecotect.

"DesignedByEnergy is a place where to share and explore design concepts and theories primarily about environmental design. Regardless of scale the aim is to provide useful insights to architects, engineers, researchers, design consultants and anyone interested in sustainable design strategies, technologies, industry standards and regulations. DesignedByEnergy foresees to establish an open collaborative platform where everyone can contribute to enrich the content.
A particular glimpse is devoted to the power of computation to control and achieve energy optimisation, environmental balance and morphogenetic efficiency. DesignedByEnergy ventures novel approaches to analysis and simulation modelling thus enabling high-perfomance energy efficient, environmentally responsive architecture and systems. The content will be mainly delivered through blog news, tutorials and articles."

Link to DesignedByEnergy blog

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