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martedì 1 novembre 2011


"Established in 2006 by Santiago R. Perez, srpLAB is focused on rethinking Design + Making in the 21st century, with an interdisciplinary approach towards Architecture and Design.

srpLAB is an interdisciplinary design collaborative promoting research and discovery through MAKING. The confluence of emerging fabrication technologies, generative modeling and interactive architecture, forms the core of our research. The development of new modes of practice linking these forms of experimentation with Environmentally Innovative Strategies for Design & Fabrication, informs our teaching, research and practice.

Santiago R. Pérez, is the 21st Century Chair Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Arkansas School of Architecture. Professor Pérez teaches advanced studios and seminars focusing on emerging modes of practice, exploring fabrication technologies, generative modeling and interactive architecture."

Link to "srpLAB" website

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