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venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

#FollowYear (my follow friday for 2012)

Everyone is on the web trying to satisfy his curiousity, interests and needs, trying to increase his passions on certain arguments. Good links are like blood oxygen to our minds, a good link is like a brain stimuli that pushes further our consciousness and knowledge about us and the world around us. So I want to thank you who, during the 2011, made great my time with so many interesting links and thoughts. I know that everyone is different but I want to suggest to my friends to follow them. If links are oxygen, the people who shared information are node through which we can find more oxygen, then others interesting people and improve ourself.

I start my list with Wildcat2030 and Amira Skomorowska. I stumbled into those 2 guys in the first part of 2011 and actually are respectively my unaware mentor and muse. Probably if during this past year I shifted so much my attention from architectural stuff to a more wide range of interests is due to their links and posts. To read their articles is always a pleasure both for eyes and mind (at least for mine).
I want to suggest, especially if you are architects (but not only) to follow the facebook page of Karl Chu. Each of its post is a sort of "paper", an extremely interesting journey into architectural development and future, and also the quality of the replies, usually, are great as people that are replying.
I think that Rachel Armstrong is pursuing one of the most interesting and exciting architectural research (and not only) I saw in this last years. She is a consistent presence on my network and I want to thanks her because, despite her incredible full time work, she finds always the time to comment posts (also mine) writing interesting and useful replies. Her energy is incredible and she is involved in so many activities that I can't summarize all.
I suggest to you obviously to follow the social networks of Kevin Kelly and Sir Ken Robinson. Any comment about them is unuseful and if by chance you don't know who they are ... great ... I'll let you discover their work through their blogs and websites.
Another person I really enjoy reading his posts is Esko Kilpi. His understanding of the value of connections, power of network and social interactions into business field is incredible.
I want also say thank you to Venessa Miemis. She is an incredible blogger and network catalyzer. I really enjoy every posts she did and most of its posted links. She is in my mind, together with Rodrigo Medina (that I suggest also to follow) the icon of the new generation minds, able to capture the flowing energies and potentials and transform all this into high-value real things.
Vitorino Ramos, a very sharp mind & researcher, is another keypoint in my network. I like so much his posts and irony to describe this complex world in its different facets and aspects.
I include in this post also some brothers in arms. Francesco Cingolani, Domenico di Siena and Massimo Menichinelli are italian digi-friends with which I share a lot of interests, visions and probably utopia. But they are also ambassadors of the "brain drain" so well known in Italy. I really like their works and their way to be innovative to use, or better, to utilize the network potential, envisioning the open-architecture of tomorrow.
I can describe the moment I saw for the first time the Edward Harran TED lecture at TEDxBrisbane 2011. For the first time I hear someone describe how I feel sometimes myself into the real/digital world. Actually for me Knowmad idea is really an inspiration and in 2012 I'll try, modestly, to be (I hope) an applicant knowmad.
Another great guy is Jason Silva. I strongly I recommend you to watch all his videos! I really like his ability to transmit and combine easily ideas about complexity, future, innovation, singularity and more with a so strong passion and enthusiasm.
Andrea Kuszewski, science writer, researcher and artist deserves really to be followed also.
In the last months of 2011 have entered in my network also other interesting people as Marianna Limas, Peta Bush, Guido Maciocci, Miquel Lloveras ... so I'm sure they will make great my 2012.
I can't forget my "travel mates" Alessio Erioli and Monika Wittig ... no words can describe how much they are teaching-inspiring me everyday and I'm so lucky to work with them.

We are shaped by the others ... so choose your great ones !
thus for the starting 2012 year ... I wish you a GOOD NETWORK !!!


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