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lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

DO THE MUTATION - generative design lab

DO THE MUTATION is born on 2012, October 3rd, between Bologna and Modena, in Italia. It is meant to be the insight viewer on experiments in generative design, interaction and web integration led during the growth of the HOX project.

HOX develops applications for user-based product design. We write software that allows people to customize objects and manage their production. Virtual form can be radically transformed according to individual preferences and brought to physical, singular objects throught CNC fabrication techniques, such as additive manifacturing and CNC milling, provided by productive partners.

DO THE MUTATION wants to open, present and discuss our work in progress. We want to share our technical achievements together with our aesthetic sensibilities, hopefully generating opportunities to debate them.

DO THE MUTATION team is made up of Davide Baruzzi, Rocco Marino, Filippo Nassetti and Alessandro Zomparelli.

Link to 'DO THE MUTATION' website

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