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lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

ODS Studio

Very interesting Blender3d plug-in developed by ODS Engineering studio !

ODS Studio is the flagship tool developed by ODS aimed at rapid design and analysis of commercial and residential building design. It brings together many already existing open-source tools to produce a platform for modelling and interaction of the results of many simulation methodologies. 

ODS Studio is a highly customizable tool-set and user-interface that was designed specifically to bring advanced technical analysis to an earlier stage in the design process. It draws upon industry-standard and validated "engines" to carry out the calculations but wraps these tools in an interface which facilitates import,export and manipulation of multiple 3D formats including OBJ, 3DS, gbXML (Revit/ArchiCAD), and FBX (Autodesk's new platform-independent 3d data interchange format).
Current features include:

Link to ODS Studio webpage
Link to Video demontrations webpage
Link to ODS Studio download webpage

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