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lunedì 15 luglio 2013

NEWS 076

sketches[of]code - dual meshes in blender
blurry paths - Custom Sprite plugin for Grasshopper
robots in architecture - new kuka|prc release
blurry paths - Custom Sprite plugin for Grasshopper
food4rhino - Godzilla.  Simple and Intuitive Robotic Simulation
food4rhino - Human (Formerly HDT Utilities)
food4rhino - Selectable Preview
designcoding - Trifoliolate
Blender CAM - Blender CAM release 0.4.0 is out
responsive design studio - Quarter Iso Grid Cardboard Surfboard Study 
LMNts - Mesh Split in Grasshopper
LMNts - Processing Iteration Viewer
LMNts - Single Line Font for Fabrication
LMNts - Grasshopper to Catia Progress
LMNts - Acoustic Scattering Research
LMNts - Gear Story
Neoarchaic Design - Bumblebee Launch
MATSYS - SEAcraft Eggs
CAAD. Blog - Resinance
Geometry Gym - OpenBIM Scripting : Python IFC
Geometry Gym - More D's for Grasshopper BIM
Digital[Sub]stance - Triaxial Waffling Grasshopper3d Definition
The proving Ground - Dynamo: Visual Programming for BIM
Daniel Davis - Yeti: Designing geometric tools with interactive programming
Daniel Davis - FabPod
food4rhino - Primate: Leap Motion for Grasshopper
CERVER.org - adaptable forms
Computational Design Lab - me – crawling machine organism
designcoding - Voronoi Kündekari
designcoding - Defective Use of Algorithms: TPI Disability
Geometry Gym - GeomGym IFC import to VisualARQ (via Grasshopper)
MadeinCalifornia - many posts
PROG - many posts
spatial slur - SmartGeometry

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