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lunedì 31 maggio 2010

Intricate Correlations - Workshops and Symposium

"Intricate Correlations - Intensification of Relations
Workshops and Symposium On Digital Design Processes in Obergurgl / Tirol

Conducted by Prof. Patrik Schumacher the institute for experimental architecture.hochbau at Innsbruck University/Austria has set its focus on script based and parametric design research within the last years, aiming to explore new design methods in order to advance the field of contemporary digital architectural design. During this time, various new approaches to digital design were developed, iteratively tested, improved and applied in different architectural scales, the urban scale, the building scale and the ergonomic scale. Research was carried out parallel to and coordinated accordingly by Patrik Schumacher at Design Research Laboratory (DRL, Architectural Association London), and at Studio Hadid (University of Applied Arts Vienna)."

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