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mercoledì 5 maggio 2010


"SUPERMANOEUVRE is an architectural practice that sees computation as a means of opportunistically collaborating with the heterogeneity and flux of social, cultural and ecological substrates. Employing both genetic and phenotypical strategies of formation in which multiple intelligences and behaviours compete for the gift of instantiation, supermanoeuvre seeks to move beyond the diagram as the dominant of architectural understanding. The resulting complex and adaptive morphologies achieve their definition performatively as the emergent outcome of highly specific architectural concerns embedded within generating rulesets. The practice was co-founded in 2006 by Dave Pigram [New York] and Iain Maxwell [London] as a collaborative studio through which contemporary architectures may be engaged. This blog is intended as a active repository of knowledge pertaining to contemporary architectural resources, techniques and theory. It is an open platform intended for not only our collaborators, peers and students, but also for the greater design community."

Un blog che non ha bisogno di presentazioni dove sono condivise moltissime risorse dedicate allo scripting in processing, rhinoscript e con una sezione appena aperta dedicata a futuri script in python sia per Maya che per Rhino.
Link al blog
Link al sito di supermanoeuvre

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