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venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

Designing the Dynamic

Designing the Dynamic, workshop and symposium, 21-25th November, Melbourne.

"Designing the Dynamic will bring together built environment designers with specialists from mathematics, engineering, computer and material science to explore the design and representation of dynamic systems.
The aim is to build virtual and physical design prototypes and simulation tools and that represent complex trade offs in ways that support intuitive design decision-making.
Multidisciplinary teams of architects, designers, engineers, mathematicians, and scientists will address design challenges that engage the extreme dynamics of air, water and real time response and anticipation.
For immersion in space of extreme change and complexity this event will work from the context of sailing and sail boat design and the complementary pairing within that world of sailor and scientist.
In sailboat racing tiny increments in boat performance are critical to the chance of winning, recorded and tacit knowledge of the experienced sailor are as critical to success as scientific analysis, the fastest route is never the shortest.
Architects, engineers, designers, mathematicians are invited to sharpen their wits together by considering the playoff of hydrofoil and aerofoil, system behaviour and real time tuning."

Link to "Designing the Dynamic" website

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