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lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

ENCODE - Egyptian Node for COllaborative DEsign

"ENCODE is a design by research studio created by the collaboration of young architects dedicated to explore innovative design systems on different scales from object to field aiming for a more significant Egyptian presence in the global design market. Based on the mathematical and material logic of natural systems Encode investigate various digital and physical computational tools exploring the potentials of digital design and fabrication techniques to correlate education, profession and design industry.

ENCODE team believes in research as a catalyst of innovation in the design industry. During last few years, ENCODE team conducted a series of workshops, seminars and lectures in computational design and fabrication in Alexandria, London, Vienna, Beijing. Also they have been involved in academic, organizational and professional collaborations with specialists in digital design and fabrication industry in Egypt, Germany, Italy, Palestine, China and UK. During these collaborations ENCODE has found nature as a rich world of inspiration through its mathematical and material logic.

With strategic industry partners and collaborators, we would be able to develop this knowledge through exploratory workshop environments that focus on learning through making with the latest digital design and fabrication systems through team based projects, dealing with the translation of ideas into atoms, shifting scales between study models & 1:1 fabrication prototypes."

Link to ENCODE website

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