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venerdì 23 gennaio 2009

venerdì 9 gennaio 2009

Id&cT - Building complex shapes and beyond

This international conference wants to give the state of the art of innovative design and construction technologies, from the point of view of all the operators that deal with new types of building, from architect, to suppliers to clients.

IDCT09 will be the occasion to discuss about a lot of themes with a particular focus on innovation, analysing projects, tools, technologies and materials from critical and up to date point of view that could arise the opportunities for the construction sector in general.

Organised By:
Milan Politecnico University, Faculty of Architecture, Department BEST

View the conference website,
which has full details about the conference objectives, topics and submission requirements at:

Conference Topic
Design and form finding for complex shapes
Engineering and computational methods
File2factory and mass customization
Digital processes in construction industry
Innovative materials and technologies
Technology transfer
Multidisciplinary approach

Scientific Committee and International Partners
ETH Zurich
Harvard University – GSD
IMCP – Mass Customization Association
Milan Politecnico University - Faulty of Architecture
TU Delft
University “La Sapienza”, Rome - Faculty of Architecture

Conference Secretariat:
Promo-est s.r.l
Piazza Piemonte 2- - 20142 Milano
Telephone: 0039 02 4391 2468 Fax: 0039 02 48018575
Email: idct09@promoest.com

Abstract Submission
Submit an abstract via the conference website:
or contact the Conference Secretariat above.

Please circulate this announcement to colleagues who may be interested in this conference.
They can subscribe by e-mailing

Until 30th March 200 euro
CIB members 200 euro
Full fare 250 euro
Students until 30th March 100 euro
After 150 euro

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LAN-ON-SITE @ ROME / March 21-28 2009

Segnalo questo interessante workshop organizzato da LAN -Live Architecture Network in colaborazione con INARCH di Roma e il laboratorio di prototipazione SOLIDO.

giovedì 8 gennaio 2009