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giovedì 30 aprile 2009


Segnalo il blog dell'architetto Lorenz Lachauer dove sperimenta, tramite l'uso di Grasshopper, le definizioni di matematiche con interessanti risultati.

Studio Mode

Segnalo l'interessantissimo lavoro svolto da Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos, fondatori dello studio Mode. Interessantissima anche la loro ricerca condotta anche presso numerose università americane.
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This International conference wants to give the state of the art of innovative design and construction technologies, with a wide perspective of all the operators involved form architect, to engineer to supplier and clients.

The themes for IDCT09 will be focused on the following areas:
* Design and form finding
* Engineering and computational methods
* File2factory and mass customization
* Digital processes in construction industry
* Innovative materials
* Advanced design and construction technologies
* Technology transfer
* Multidisciplinary approach

A particular focus will be given on innovation, analysing project, tools, technologies and materials from critical and up to date point of view, that could arise the opportunities from privileged contexts to the construction sector in general.

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lunedì 27 aprile 2009

NEWS 028

wework4her - Maya and Boost: primTreeUpdate
wework4her - towerNode:wip
wework4her - branchingNode:WIP
Beyond The Light Bulb - Grasshopper - Morphing with turbolence
Un Didi - Delaunay Triangulation in Grasshopper
core.form-ula - SOM + SCI-Arc on CF:Responsive Kinetic Facade
Erdine-Baskin - .RVB Attractor Series 02: Gumowski-Mira
Erdine-Baskin - .RVB Attractor Series 01: Rossler Attractor
Erdine-Baskin - .RVB Curlicue Fractal
LAN - Parametric Modelling in Top Solid
LAN - A few GH 0.6.0012 Definitions…
Nathan Miller - Ribbing Revisited
Nathan Miller - 3D Voronoi "Porn" in Grasshopper
eSCRIPT-O - 090418 - back to basics - attractors in maxscript
eSCRIPT-O - 090418 - back to basics 2 - Multi Attractors in Maxscript
eSCRIPT-O - 090427- hexatect (WIP) - Digital Project
eSCRIPT-O - 090426 - Flat Hexagon Skin -digital project
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Tower Tutorial Part 01
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Tower Tutorial Part 02
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Conditional Component - Dispatch
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Intro Part 1
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Intro Part 2
Design Reform - 3ds Max 2010 - New 3d Modeling Tools or Graphite Modeling Tools
Design Reform - Rhino Grasshopper - Data Matching
Space Symmetry Structure - Rigid Folding
MadeInCalifornia - Simple Honeycomb03
MadeInCalifornia - Simple Honeycomb03
MadeInCalifornia - Components surface 04
Designalyze - Panelization in Version 0.06012
Designalyze - Columbia Grasshopper Class Part Two Data Tree

mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

giovedì 9 aprile 2009

NEWS 027

isgstudio - 090309_kochCurves
Beyond the light bulb - Pseudo Dynamics in Grasshopper
wework4her - backInBlack
wework4her - onTheAnvil
Rhinoscripting Resources - Methods: Objects on a Surface
ParaMod.net - Twisted Surface
bfxlog - Grasshopping
SpaceSimmetryStructure - Is there anything new to say about Voronoi diagrams?
core.form-ula - SOM + SCI-Arc on CF: Living Green & Easy (Performance Design)
S.S.S.S. - Hexagon Panelization
Designalyze - VT Grasshopper Workshop Video 01: Intro to Grasshopper
Designalyze - VT Grasshopper Workshop Video02: Components and Canvas
ParaMod.net - Scripted Spiral Bowl
ParaMod.net - Scripting - After Session 2
Woo Jae's Blog - Academic Worksample
4ofSeven - 0809 [WS] Booth Serie
[n]Codon - Art Fund Pavilion competition submission
workshops factory - surface division - an alternative for isoparametric division
notion parallax - Go Kawakita's thesis - genetic algorithms in ecotect
johnlocke - visualizing sound in processing
Geometry Gym - More on Manipulating Structural Models
designalyze - SHoP's Dining by Design for DIFFA
Designalyze - VT Grasshopper Workshop Video03: Data Matching
Liquid Tectonics - Cloth Systems - Relaxation
un didi - HTWK Leipzig Lecture online
SpaceSimmetryStructure - Morphing Tessellation Fields as Folding Patterns
SpaceSimmetryStructure - Morphing Tessellation Fields 2
neoarchaic - Trianglulate Tile 3 Pack
escript-o - 900407-Umbrales Expo instalation (mounting)- Santiago Chile
core.form-ula - Event: Evan Douglis's Autogenic Structures "Book Launch"
core.form-ula - Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec:Growing a Chair
bfxlog - hex grid
bfxlog - box-morph
blog.ticket01.com - Konstrukt, Voronoi Surface Preview