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martedì 29 gennaio 2013

CAAD blog

Blog held by Prof. Ludger Hovestadt, Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, Departement for Architecture, ETH Zürich

Link to 'CAAD blog'

Medaarch workshops - 4×4 ARCHITECTURE

La Medaarch organizza 4 corsi intensivi, ognuno della durata di un giorno, su 4 software:

- Sabato 16 febbraio: Rhinoceros 3d . introduzione alla modellazione,
- Domenica 17 febbraio: Grasshopper . introduzione alla progettazione parametrica, 
- Sabato 23 febbraio: v-ray for Rhino . introduzione alla renderizzazione,
- Domenica 24 febbraio: Rhino cam . introduzione alla fabbricazione digitale.

Il corso, di livello beginners/medio, si propone di avvicinare i partecipanti alla conoscenza dei 4 software e delle loro potenzialità. E’ quindi aperto a tutti.

Orari corso: Ogni corso si terrà dalle 9:30 alle 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:30

Link alla pagina di Medaarch  '4×4 ARCHITECTURE' workshops [ITA]
Link to Medaarch  '4×4 ARCHITECTURE' workshops [ENG]

Responsive design studio

The strength of the team is rooted in design research and a commitment to exploring opportunities in creating responsive, adaptive and adapted physical space. We have a special interest in alternative solutions for vivid architectural geometries that interact with its user in the process of creation but also in its built shape, materialization, surface and visual behavior. A special focus lies on moving, dynamic structures but also on generative, parametric building and design.

Link to 'Responsive design studio' blog
Link to 'Bio Plastics Formfinding Workshop Cologne' post

Nudibranch | Add-on for Grasshopper3d

The Nudibrach Add-in for Grasshopper3d is a set of components facilitating and automating Grasshopper’s capacity to generate distance-based value fields, in addition to moving particles through attractor defined vector-fields while creating animated simulations of these particles.

In particular, Nudibranch aims to automate the attractor development process (one or multiple), while covering most of the frequently used cases, without however intending to replace or render useless the basic understanding of how attractors operate. Furthermore, three animation components enable the real-time interaction between attractors and the affected data.

Link to 'Nudibrach' Digital[Sub]stance webpage
Link to 'Nudibrach' Food4Rhino webpage

materiability research network

The materiability research network is a community platform, an educational network and an open materials database. It emerged from a joint initiative between the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, ETH Zürich and Interaction Design, Zürich University of the Arts.
Funded in a believe in unrestricted access to information and knowledge it is strongly driven by a community that finds equal inspiration in digital creation and physical making. This platform brings together architects, artists, designers, students, scientists and researchers who share a common fascination with smart, programmable materials and their potential integration into architecture and design to create softer, more dynamic environments.

Link to 'materiability research network'

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

GoldFish Alpha

GoldFish is a CFD [Computational fluid dynamics] Solver for grasshopper written in C++ and C# developed by Erik Thorson - thispointon

Link to GoldFish Alpha download webpage


igeowiki is library for your processing and igeo sketches.

Link to igeowiki


r[e]merging is a design and research studio that pursues avant-garde architecture through innovative design and fabrication technologies, combining rigorous academic speculations and inventive professional methods
r[e]merging is led by Stefano Andreani | Design Robotics Group | Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Link to 'r[e]merging' website

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013


FreelandBuck is an architectural design practice based in New York and Los Angeles affiliated with Yale University and Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). Our office focuses on research and design, exploring the overlap between academia and practice. 

Link to FreelanBuck website

DigitAG& 2012 ebook [pdf] is out !

As every year I collected all my links in one e-book [pdf format] that you can download for free here:
DigitAG& 2012 book

I also remind to DigitAG& followers that I share everyday more links about generative architecture, scripting technique, computational design, science, biology, materials, complexity, networks, evolution, cyborgs, etc ... here:

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Have a nice reading!

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Nathan's Blender Python Notebook

Blender is a powerful open source modeling platform with features that rival professional-grade packages such as 3D Studio Max and Maya. In addition to a fully featured set of modeling tools, Blender features a very robust Python API which allows you to create scripts and add-ons. I am continually impressed with how cool of a platform Blender is for modeling… and it's free!

This notebook will follow a similar format to my RevitPythonShell resource. I will be documenting helpful processes and scripts that focus on the use of Blender as a possible platform for computational design in architecture.

Link to 'Nathan's Blender Python Notebook' webpage

Thomas Diewald - blog

Very interesting blog held by Thomas Diewald

'i’ll use this blog to show some of my work, provide code-snippets (mel,  rhino, grasshopper, C/C++, C-Sharp, processing, java, etc.) , processing libraries, 3d-modells, tutorials, atc .'

Link to T.Diewald blog

ODS Studio

Very interesting Blender3d plug-in developed by ODS Engineering studio !

ODS Studio is the flagship tool developed by ODS aimed at rapid design and analysis of commercial and residential building design. It brings together many already existing open-source tools to produce a platform for modelling and interaction of the results of many simulation methodologies. 

ODS Studio is a highly customizable tool-set and user-interface that was designed specifically to bring advanced technical analysis to an earlier stage in the design process. It draws upon industry-standard and validated "engines" to carry out the calculations but wraps these tools in an interface which facilitates import,export and manipulation of multiple 3D formats including OBJ, 3DS, gbXML (Revit/ArchiCAD), and FBX (Autodesk's new platform-independent 3d data interchange format).
Current features include:

Link to ODS Studio webpage
Link to Video demontrations webpage
Link to ODS Studio download webpage

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

NEWS 074

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Woo Jae's blog
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