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venerdì 22 luglio 2011

CAST | Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies

"The Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies [CAST] is located within the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo.

CAST is devoted to work on the evolving and growing implications of new technologies within the built environment: social, political, ecological, and material. Our various research efforts address the impact of mobile and embedded computing, wireless networks, responsive systems and cybernetics on architecture and the city today. We consider issues like context, embodied interaction and performance as important, rapidly evolving characteristics to contemporary architecture and the city.

We study issues of techné and of technology that are ever-present in architectural discourse, but which have taken on new meanings and questions with the advent of new forms of human-computer interaction. These forms often originate in computer science and in engineering, and include the development of ubiquitous computing, physical computing, as well as parametric modeling and digital fabrication techniques.

One result of these new technologies is an opportunity and a demand for architectural study and practice to reshape their disciplinary boundaries and methods. With this shift, the role of research in the design studio – historical and theoretical as well as material and technological research – grows vitally important and must be rethought. Our Center's research, pedagogy, design work and discourse are unique as a single group within a major research university, devoted to methodically addressing these emerging issues."

Link to CAST website

flowL - grasshopper plug-in

@[UTO] guys (Thomas Grabner and Ursula Frick) have just released a new Grasshopper plug-in.

"flowL is a plug-in to visualize a vector field, generated trough positive and negative point charges. The path lines are calculated with the "Runge-Kutta 4th Order Method" short "RK4", developed by the German mathematicians C. Runge and M.W. Kutta. around 1900.!"

Link to @[UTO] flowL post
Link to @[UTO]blog

Thx very much guys!


Interesting blog held by Enrico Crobu about sustainable design.

Link to "SustainableDesignResearch" blog

martedì 19 luglio 2011


Very interesting blog about material computation and multi-agent systems in architectural design process held by architect and researcher DAĞHAN ÇAM.

Link to blog


"onformative, founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin, is a studio specialized in generative design solutions covering various types of media and topics."

Link to onformative website

lunedì 18 luglio 2011


Blog held by the architect Giulio Castorina with some interesting tutorials inside about Revit-Ecotect.

"DesignedByEnergy is a place where to share and explore design concepts and theories primarily about environmental design. Regardless of scale the aim is to provide useful insights to architects, engineers, researchers, design consultants and anyone interested in sustainable design strategies, technologies, industry standards and regulations. DesignedByEnergy foresees to establish an open collaborative platform where everyone can contribute to enrich the content.
A particular glimpse is devoted to the power of computation to control and achieve energy optimisation, environmental balance and morphogenetic efficiency. DesignedByEnergy ventures novel approaches to analysis and simulation modelling thus enabling high-perfomance energy efficient, environmentally responsive architecture and systems. The content will be mainly delivered through blog news, tutorials and articles."

Link to DesignedByEnergy blog

Digital MED: prorogato il termine ultimo per le iscrizioni

Prorogato a venerdì 22 luglio il termine ultimo per le iscrizioni al workshop internazionale Digital MED, che si svolgerà a Vietri sul Mare, dal 24 al 31 luglio 2011.
Sette giorni in più, dunque, per dare la possibilità a quanti vogliano avvicinarsi alla conoscenza e all’utilizzo delle più innovative metodologie di progettazione esistenti, di partecipare all’unico laboratorio di progettazione in Italia basato sui processi di fabbricazione digitale e i software di disegno parametrico.

Gli interessati possono scaricare il bando di concorso all'indirizzo www.digitalmedworkshop.com e compilare il modulo di preiscrizione presente sullo stesso non oltre il 22 Luglio 2011.


The deadline for entries for the DigitalMED international workshop is extended to Friday 22 July. The workshop will be held in Vietri sul Mare, from 24 to 31 July 2011.
This gives seven more days to all those who want to learn the most innovative existing design methodologies and to participate in the one planning workshop in Italy based on the processes of digital fabrication and parametric design software.

Interested parties may download the Notice of Competition at the address www.digitalmedworkshop.com and fill the pre-registration no later than July 22th 2011.

Link al PDF del comunicato stampa

sabato 16 luglio 2011

LaNd SANDS IN~FORMATION Workshop - August 2011

This is a workshop that me and Monika Wittig - LaN we are dreaming and thinking of doing since last year. Now we have the right chance to do it and I hope some (many) of you are interested to join us.

Boulder Colorado USA > Great Sand Dunes National Park > Denver

A ten day migrating summer workshop ultimately exploring digital design & fabrication of structures influenced by live forces– primarily fluid associations between wind & sand & resultant land formations. Can we quantify analyze and engage with the enormous migrating land masses of the great sand dunes national park in Southern Colorado.

Early days in boulder center around outdoor field studies introducing topics of complex geometries and data flows of analog-to- digital mediums. Internationally renown research site visits will compliment these sessions.

Denver provides us with cnc fabrication possibilities @ club workshop denver. Participants will become familiar with lasercutting / cnc routing & 3d printing. A prototype will be fabricated for our live sand studies in the desert.

Some of nature's most dramatic forms will be at our disposal as we migrate south to the great sands national park. LaN is curating a series of stopping points en route. Current plans include reaching just beyond great sands desert to visit one of the nation's largest adobe brick manufacturers.

Workshop finale in Boulder, Colorado ~ pm saturday august 19th ~ at a local public event of global proportions… entrepreneurial in spirit.

Workshop Tutors:
Monika Wittig - LaN Co-Founder
Shane Salisbury - LaN Co-Founder
Andrea Graziano - Co-de-iT Co-founder
Lorenza Carà - LaN Assistant

Info at: http://www.livearchitecture.net/sands

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

NEWS 065

Architecture in Combination - New SPM Vector Components release coming up and a New Project…
Architecture in Combination - SPM Vector Components: Tutorials and Examples
n-fold geometry - Snowflake Pattern
n-fold geometry - Arcs Across Hexagons
n-fold geometry - 5&10 Point Stars
n-fold geometry - Swirl Pattern
Bios Design Collective - Reprap 2D G-code writer in Grasshopper
Blog Binturong - Acoustics for Grasshopper/Rhino
Generative Design - Why co-creation and mass customisation will rely on genetic modelling
Generative Design - Why design will float to the cloud
Geometry Gym - Rhino v5 Extrusions, GeomGym Plugins
Geometry Gym - Grasshopper GSA Form Finding Examples
Geometry Gym - Grasshopper Catalogue Profiles
Geometry Gym - BIM Advancements for Rhino/Grasshopper
LMNts - Med Mart 1: Generation of Facade Geometry
LMNts - Med Mart 2: Panel Texture and Geometry
LMNts - Med Mart 4: Facade Design Coordination
LMNts - Med Mart 5: Panel Fabrication
yet another script? - Daylight – Design|Deformation parameter [Computational design]
Robots in Architecture - Robots in Architecture @ ACADIA 2011
complexitys - Smart Material Aided Architectural Design
Dreamation Workshop - Batch View Capture
Dreamation Workshop - Double-curved Paper Models – Double-Layer Diagrid Unfold Method
Improved.ro - [GH] 3D Voronoi for Grasshopper Update
Improved.ro - [GH] SuperConnect
S.YUAN - 2011 PROTO-ARCHITECTURE | FCU 4th Design Studio
S.YUAN - 2011 PROTO-ARCHITECTURE | TKU 4th Design Studio
The Proving Ground - Grasshopper > AutoCAD v0.1 Open Source Plug-in!
The Proving Ground - GH+MySQL v0.7.2 Released (w/ ODBC)
peer produced space - "Putting nature to work: Minimal surface porcelain" at DMY in Berlin
peer produced space - Joris Laarman Lab: Digital Matter
the leda atomicus - Blob Detection in vb.net
the leda atomicus - Vb.net curve splitting
the leda atomicus - Unroll, Cells, Mesh Polylines, Reparametrise components
the leda atomicus - Image Based Vector Fields
P&Alab - flower_Window Pattern(rhinoScript + grasshopper + weaverbird + pointReconstruction)
P&Alab - RUYI-2D Pattern (Processing)
Digital[sub]stance - Radiolarion Echinoid Version Script Added
Digital[sub]stance - Flock to Howl – Transferring Data from Processing to Grasshopper
Digital[Sub]stance - Generative Fluid Dynamics by Angelos Chronis
Digital[Sub]stance - Diagrid Panels in VB.net Grasshopper Definition
Digital[Sub]stance - Tatami + Cairo Tessellation in VB.Net Grasshopper Definition
Digital Morphogenesis - DesignScript – Autodesk
Digital Design + Fabrication - Grasshopper: Training Modules
Heumann Design/Tech - GH-Only Catmull-Clark Subdivision
Lift Architects - Projection One
Lift Architects - Firefly + Kinect
Lift Architects - Firefly 1.006 New Features
Spatial slur - A Wooly Example
Spatial Slur - Spatial Binning
Thomas Buseck - emergentTechnologies
eat a bug - OpenStreetMaps for Rhino
@[uto] - Geco for Grasshopper 08 update v1.0.23.0
Urban Future Organization - usyd2011-iain blampied & oliver hessian
Theoremas - Diaphanus
Theoremas - Diaphanus Script
Space Symmetry Structure - New Kangaroo release
Reza Ali - Magneto: An Exploration of Lorentz Force
PROJECTiONE - Riley Sunrise
Nervous System - Hyphae Lamps – an infinite series of lighting designs
muehlseife.de - correlations library
matter design - Temporal Tenancy Installation
NeoArchaic - Tongji – RPI: Collaborative Workshop

domenica 3 luglio 2011

RhinoPython¹º¹ Primer

Available on the Rhino3D website the first release of the "RhinoPython¹º¹ Primer" [PDF].

Link to download webpage

"Sliced Surfaces" GH ws - Torino 8-9-10 luglio

Sono molto lieto di essere stato invitato dai ragazzi di "ToDo - interaction & media design", nella persona di Giorgio Olivero, ad inaugurare con il workshop di GH "Sliced Surfaces" una serie di workshop di "Better Nouveau". Il workshop si terrà nei giorni 8-9-10 Luglio a Torino.

Per informazioni
"Sliced Surfaces - Workshop introduttivo all'uso di Grasshopper e alla Digital Fabrication"

"I workshop di Better Nouveau sono dedicati alle strategie computazionali applicate al design. Sono corsi intensivi in cui ricerca e formazione affrontano da vicino design generativo, interaction design, digital fabrication e physical computing."

Link al sito di "Better Nuoveau"
Link ai ws di "Better Nuoveau"