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giovedì 31 marzo 2011

NEWS 062

neoarchaic - Adobe ASE to Grasshopper CMYK / RGB
P&Alab - photoGraph_Che Guevara ( processing )
SoftRigid - The Dynamic Performance of Nature_06
arch:digital - My first attemps to the Genetic Algorithms
the geometry of bending - Work by Maarten Kuijvenhoven and Matthijs Toussaint
the geometry of bending - Kangaroo Curvature Analysis
LMNts - PDX Video: ScriptJigs
object-e architecture - Thess Bic Seat EEE?
spatial slur - Duals
Ben Coorey - Grasshopper – Reading Values from Excel: Part 1
Ben Coorey - Grasshopper – Reading Values from Excel: Part 2
Ben Coorey - Smart Geometry 2011: Creating Variable Behaviours
Ben Coorey - Smart Geometry 2011: Development of Parametric Rig
neoarchaic.net - many new posts
GH kinect - OSCeleton GHowl Kinect Grasshopper
GH Kinect - Install for OSCeleton
GH Kinect - Kinect_OSCeleton_to_GH_test-01
Geometry Gym - Grasshopper-GSA Form Finding and Structural Analysis
Geometry Gym - Galapagas and GSA solver
Geometry Gym - GH GSA Form Finding Tesegrity
AA Emtech - many new posts
Vitruality - AADRL Term 2 - Class 6: Genetic Algorithms
P&Alab - StringPattern (Arduino + Servo)
SEED - Avances: Investigación Algoritmos para la construcción con caña mediterranea
urban future organization - sustainable pavilion + parametric versioning
Cerver.org - Kangaroo for GC R2 and RecTIVision for GC
@ [ u t o ] - Geco for Grasshopper 08 update v1.0.21.0
Heumann Design/Tech - More Grasshopper-Enabled Drawing
Heumann Design/Tech - Unfolding Surface Strips
I Eat Bugs For Breakfast - Colours Everywhere
Legil Design - Grasshopper Basics
Legil Design - Curve Branching
Legil Design - Recursion RhinoScript
Legil Design - Darboux Curve Evolution
Legil Design - Rhombic Disphenoid
Legil Design - Facade-O-Matic!
MadeInCalifornia - many new posts
[n]Codon - Shingles flow
[n]igma - Mr. Blue Balls
Digital Fabrication in Architecture Group - Lounge + Workshop Extension
StudioMode - many new posts

lunedì 28 marzo 2011


"1. a collaborative; a network engaging cooperative relationships between analog and digital in design and fabrication. 2. a new understanding of tools, processes, methods that reveals innovative solutions to design problems and expressions of craft."


adapa - adapting architecture

"ADAPA is a cross disciplinary company where the focus is on adapting technology and materials that have untapped potentials into an architectural context. We are a small research based architectural practice, where we use research both to reposition ourselves and simultaneously to create projects that give us a completely different approach than other architectural firms. We believe that the ability to design free, affordable and sustainable lies in the ability to understand and make full use of the latest technologies and production methods and introduce them as the basis for modern architecture. "We make advanced architecture available to building partners by rationalising designs in synergy with digital technologies and modern production techniques" ADAPA was founded by Mathias Kræmmergaard Kristensen and Christian Raun in summer 2010."


XXL workshop 2011 - TU Delft

"The XXL Workshop is an elective course held at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. It is concerned with the design, computation, engineering, and production of a horizontal large span building structure. This design process is done as a collaborative digital design in a multidisciplinary group of students in which each student has his/her own different responsibility. The collaborative digital design requires an integrated 3D approach based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) principles, performance analysis, and file to factory processes."


mercoledì 23 marzo 2011

Breaking the blanks

"A few unorganized thoughts about parametric design in Grasshopper and Bentley GenerativeComponents."


Buro Happold SMART Solutions

"SMART Solutions Network is a social media site for anyone engaged with the built environment and interested in the latest computational technologies to solve complex architectural, planning, engineering, and fabrication problems."

Check out the just released beta versions of:
SMART Form: the real time form finding and sculptural design tool
SMART Move VIZ: crowd modelling tool

I Eat Bugs For Breakfast

The new blog of David Rutten !
(It doesn't needs other words)


domenica 20 marzo 2011

Jenny Sabin

"This site features the work and research of Jenny E. Sabin, an architectural designer, artist and educator. Her research, teaching and design practice focus on the contextual, material and formal intersections between architecture, computation and science. "

Link al blog

venerdì 11 marzo 2011

DigiBAG - support DigitAG& trip to LaN-Flight

Yesterday talking with Monika Wittig ... she said to me "would be great to have you joining our LaN-Flight" and i replied as a joke "i could make a paypal widget to support my trip". Thus the joke became real and she did the "JOIN LaNFLIGHT or DONATE for live feed by DigitAG&" paypal. Using it you can join LaN-Flight with a special "DigitAG&" discount or directly support my travel to USA for the first DigitAG& on site live report of the event. Actually we are focusing on "more digital <> more physical" issue .... trying to explore the physical-real emergent effects of increasing digital interactions. This maybe can be a good test for it!

So if you want to join the LaN-Flight or support this first attempt ......"push the Pay Now button on the side "!!!

giovedì 10 marzo 2011

Elise Elsacker

Interessantissimo blog di Elise Elsacker di cui segnalo sia le sperimentazioni "Kinect & Grasshopper" che lo sviluppo del "Kinetic Pavilion" fatto in collaborazione con Yannick Bontinckx.

Link al blog
Link al sito "Kinetic Pavilion"
Link al blog di Yannick Bontinckx

crisp and fuzzy

Blog di Kristina Schinegger e Stefan Rutzinger con alcune interessanti sperimentazioni.

Link al blog

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

i-TAC | Intro to Technically Advanced Construction

The new format of the i-TAC course offers the opportunity to limited number of students and professionals (10 seats available) to participate only to the first phase of the course, for a total period of four weeks.
This option, which is to implement the original teaching formative offer, is called i-TAC, or Intro to Technically Advanced Construction.

Those wishing to attend only the first phase of the program will be able to accurately investigate a series of innovative theoretical approaches (design strategies, emergent systems and self-organization, information theory, computation material, and form finding) in an integrated specific software environment.

i-TAC will be held from April 4 to May 7, 2011, and includes the first four weeks of teaching:

- Evan Greenberg [AA_London, EmTech]
- Christina Doumpioti [AA_London, EmTech]
- Matias del Campo [SPAN Architects]
- Sandra Manninger [SPAN Architects]
- Oliver Tessmann [Bollinger + Grohmann]
The cost of i-TAC is € 2000.

To apply send an email to apply.tac@polimi.it enclosing the application module by March 28, 2011.

Link to i-TAC webpage
Link to TAC website

Digital [Sub]stance

"Digital [Sub]stance is a platform developed to host and promote an interdisciplinary approach on Architecture, initiated by Marios Tsiliakos in 2010. The primary aim of Digital [Sub]stance is to provide a synergetic logic between Architecture, Design and Computation while enabling the exploration and experimentation on computational-based approaches related the latest developments in generative design. Digital [Sub]stance's content will be populated by Designs, Ongoing Research, Code, Tutorials and Issues regarding morphogenetic techniques, associative modeling, self-organizational systems, artificial intelligence, biomimetics and physical computing."

Link al blog

martedì 8 marzo 2011


Thanks very much to everyone of you !!!


"MRGD is a design research collaboration of young architects MELIKE ALTINISIK, SAMER CHAMOUN and DANIEL WIDRIG dedicated to developing an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism and design. Since it was founded in 2004, MRGD researches on various parametric design tools exploring in parallel the ideas of form finding, self organization and digital manufacturing."

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via Davide del Giudice

lunedì 7 marzo 2011


"This site documents the research and design activities of the Ras Al-Khaimah studio, part of the Organicités masters-level architectural option studios offered by the Media x Design Lab at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne."

Link al sito


"Vitruality is a website and blog owned and maintained by Paul N Jeffries. Paul is a structural engineer and programmer specialising in advanced computational design techniques. He works in London for Arup Associates and also teaches a course on algorithmic approaches to architecture at the Architectural Association."

link al blog

GH kinect

"precedent, progress and potentials in the kinect + grasshopper mashup"

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venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Dreamation Workshop

Blog di Victor Leung di cui segnalo il post "2D Wood Bending with Teeth for CNC".

Link al blog

[AGENTWARE] workshop

Agentware is a seven-days workshop in Rovinj, Croatia. Its focus is generative algorithmic design, in particular multi-agent computational systems that can read external feedback for applications in complex design ecologies. The workshop will be followed by a two-day symposium entitled Proto/e/co/logics. The symposium will bind together ideas of speculative realism in philosophy, expanding developments in science and shifting modes of production as it pertains to design, towards a redefinition of materiality and adaptation in complex environments. Invited speakers include Slavoj Zizek, Wolf Prix, Reza Negarestani, Olafur Eliasson, Sanford Kwinter, Francois Roche, Sylvia Lavin, Ed Keller, Tom Kovac, Adrian Lahoud, Brett Steele, Jeff Kipnis, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Usman Haque and others.
Imminent future developments within still largely untouched stretches of Adriatic Coast offer opportunities for speculative approaches to ecological in architecture, going beyond innocent and reductive approaches to ecology as in notions of sustainability" and "green". In relation to increased computational intelligence with the introduction of adaptive agent-based systems and large data sets in architecture, the workshop will explore rewriting material and organizational protocols within design and planning sequences, towards larger sensitivity to host ecologies. Speculative agent-based proposals will be tested through pilot locations found within rich cultural and natural resources of Istria.
During the workshop participants will gain access to Biothing's extensive code library consisting of advanced code sequences accumulated through Biothing's professional and academic research (at the AA, Columbia and Pratt Institute). Participants will engage closely with the rich ecology of computational resources and explicit strategies for cross-breeding code within the design process. Outputs of the workshop will become part of an exhibition initially presented to local developers and visiting international design critics, after which it will travel to other locations.

The deadline for applications is 8 July 2011. A late deadline of 22 July 2011 is also in effect, but this will incur a £50 surcharge. Application forms and additional information are available online at: www.aaschool.ac.uk/rovinj and applications can be submitted to: visitingschool@aaschool.ac.uk.
All participants traveling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. After payment of fees, the AA can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop.

The school runs from 30 July to 5 August, followed by a two-day symposium and will be hosted at Hotel Park in Rovinj.

Programme Directors
Alisa Andrasek
Jose Manuel Sanchez
Visiting School Director Christopher Pierce
Visiting School Coordinator Sandra Sanna

Link to website

giovedì 3 marzo 2011

NEWS 061

Arquitectura & Programacion - Who is using Rhinoscripting / Grasshopper?
Blog Binturong - Lazycutting Grasshopper Component Update
Blog Binturong - Lazycutter all wrapped up
Blog Binturong - How to use the Lazycutter
Generative Design - What CAD companies mean by – generative design
Generative Design - Code against Code: a Darwinian theory of software development?
Generative Design - Nature of Order
the technology of sustainable design - form follows performance
Thomas Buseck - structuralDesignM_Final
Tectonicas Digitales - Unfolding polygons definition
ParaMod.net - Folding tutorial uses assembly model
paraPATRICists - x + y = boat + villa
P&Alab - FractalBall (Processing)
Simon Schleicher's Blog - Curved-line folding analysis through FE simulation
a-ngine - [MSc1] - C:Strip
The proving ground - Introduction: USC Arch 517 Galapagos Course
nervous system - making an awesome tradeshow booth – attempt #2
Responsives Architectures - [Open Energy Simulation]
Cerver.org - Grasshopper – Parametric Schoen F-RD
Cerver.org - Reactavision for GC
Cerver.org - Kangaroo for GC Public Release 1
AA EMTECH - AA-ETH Pavillion 2011
Rhinoscripting resources - Archive: Rhino Python By Ari Kardasis and Masoud Akbarzadeh
digital toolbox - what does a brick want to be
archimorph - HAIRS
blog4ofseven - 1011M4 SZ
blog4ofseven - 1011M4 RJ
Geometry Gym - IFC Generating Quantity Measurements
Geometry Gym - GH to GSA Finite Elements from Area and Regions
Geometry Gym - SCIA and Grasshopper
eat a bug - Rhumblr - Blogging from Rhino to Tumblr
atelier ngai - AMPS Mockup
atelier ngai - Ecophysiological Architecture
dfabnus - Lattice Domes
dfabnus - P1 exercise: Building Radial ribs from Revolved Surface
dfabnus - P2: Interlocks
dfabnus - Solar Exposure Responsive Sun Shades
dfabnus - P2: Fragments
dfabnus - mass-customized voronoi grid system
dfabnus - grasshopper density exploration (octree)
eat a bug - Carlo Borer's Sculpture '422' Completed
The geometry of bending - Try the Tapeworm
The geometry of bending - Bending simulation in Kangaroo
The geometry of bending - Kangaroo Physics "Drop shape"
The geometry of bending - Realtime curvature analysis of a Kangaroo bending curve
The geometry of bending - Kangaroo Bending + Reactivision