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venerdì 30 marzo 2012


SPAN + Co-de-iT
Die Angewandte + DIA Dessau
June 22nd – July 20th 2012

The main aim of ATLAS OF SENSATIONS is to introduce prospective students to contemporary modes of architectural design based on computational design techniques in combination with novel strategies in thinking about architectural bodies. Emphasis is given on the development of unique design tactics discussing the combination of intensive forces, geomorphic organisms, and process orientated design strategies with the potential to result in informed spatial solutions.

Info, details and application form at:

mercoledì 28 marzo 2012


Interesting blog held by Dominik Strzelec

Link to "echoechonoisenoise" blog

Form Follows Performance

"Using digital tools as a catalyst for better and more sustainable design.

This blog represents our ongoing findings on vision and reality about utilizing digital tools in the architectural and urban design field.
We believe that in sustainable design the really significant decisions happen in the early stages. Hence the focus of this blog is on green building design tools for architects and planners that are easy to learn and apply. To be successful in the architectural community these tools shall be interactive and provide visually comprehensible output. They shall enable the designer to make informed decisions based on simulation results and support clear client communication."

Link to "Form Follows Performance" blog


"Pivot is a multi-disciplinary design practice. Our team has background in product design, architecture and engineering. We are just as comfortable working with mass produced products as with custom solutions in architecture. A human centered design approach is common to all our work."

Inserisci linkLink to "Pivot" website
Link to "bike frame" post

Benjamin Dillenburger - Computational Design

Link to "Benjamin Dillenburger" website
Link to "Grammars" webpage

sabato 17 marzo 2012

Chameleon(Beta) 0.0.1 by Hiroshi Jacobs

Very interesting and useful component developed by Hiroshi Jacobs that allows to link Revit to Grasshopper via gbXML. I strongly suggest to visit also the Hiroshi Jacobs website.

Link to "Chamaleon" webpage
Link to "Hiroshi Jacobs" webiste

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

NEWS 070

The Proving Ground - TPG Tools v0.25 Update Released
The Proving Ground - LunchBox v0.263
Christopher Whitelaw - Fab Demo : Voronoi Puzzle
Hybrid BioStructures - Design Proposal/ Digital Tool
algorithmic design - AgentSense
algorithmic design - geneWave
algorithmic design - woolNet
Christopher Whitelaw - many posts


"Designcoding.net is a digital diary of research on the relationship between basics of geometry and design computing, including the experiments with parametric modeling, architectural geometry, computer-aided fabrication, and exploration of pedagogical approaches for design education. Currently it constitutes the fundamentals of parametric modeling education, by organizing it's knowledge basis (gnosis), synthetic components (synthesis) and design utilizations (praxis)."

Link to "designcoding" website


"Material_Codes is documenting academic research, teaching and experimentation investigating the cross-contamination between architecture and digital fabrication technologies. This blog contains work from academic design studios and workshops, as well as independent research which is -as the blog itself- in an ongoing state of evolution."

to "Material_Codes" website

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

PanelingTools Grasshopper Add-On

"Parametric tools to create and manipulate rectangular grids, attractors and support creative morphing of parametric patterns"

Link to "PanelingTools Grasshopper Add-On" page

martedì 6 marzo 2012

Selective Amplification

"Selective-Amplification is an architecture/design lab based in New York and Seoul. We believe architecture/design wants be a unique experience that selectively amplifies certain factors of our lives to make them more beautiful and enjoyable."

Link to "Selective Amplification" website