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giovedì 5 dicembre 2013

NEWS 077

LMNts - Update to GH Graphic Programming Tool
Daniel Davis - A History of Parametric
Daniel Davis - Parametric Typography
Blender CAM - Blender CAM 0.5.0 
BuildZ - Dynamo 0.5.3 update 
Geometry Gym - Oasys Webinar - Linking GSA With Rhino and Grasshopper 
Digital[Sub]stance - NudiBranch 0.028 is out!
Form Follows Functions - mstGeneration
Neoarchaic - Mesh(+)
Guillaume Meunier - LibreOffice Calc XSLT Export Filter to XML
hiroshi jacobs - som’s blackbox studio extends chameleon to dp
I Eat Bugs For Breakfast - Another Galapagos Tutorial
karamba - karamba 1.0.4
karamba - force based design
legildesign - The Way of the Dinosaurs
LMNts - Occupancy Comfort Sensors
MESH - GH and Blender
morphogenesism - many posts
The Proving Ground - Porting Panels for Dynamo
The Proving Ground - Crossing the Streams... with more Interop!
OBJECT-E.NET - reciprocalFrames.ghx
arcode - Building with Earth | Thin Shell Structures 
A-ngine - [DataViz] - ProgForceDia
AA Visiting school , Bangalore 2013 - TOPOLOGY OPTIMISED SHELL, HyperTHREADS 2013, Mexico
Algorithmic Design - Stochastic Aggregation
Algorithmic Design - Langton's ant
DesignCoding - many posts
Daniel davis - The Future of Architectural Discourse
Blender CAM - Bas relief addon 
echoechonoisenoise - generative hand-made 
Geometry Gym - IFC exchange of Curtain Panels 
I Eat Bugs For Breakfast - Back home
Obuchi Lab - G30 Summer Pavilion Construction Update 3 
sketches[of]code - Adaptive DupliFaces (add-on)
Vitruality - many posts
Nervous System - Kinematics
ParaMod.net - CATIA - Design of Experiments
LMNts - Program Massing Demo
LMNts - Taking a Grasshopper for a Walk

martedì 24 settembre 2013


FABbots is the fruit of a series of design & research studios directed by Marta Malé-Alemany in several international schools of Architecture. All projects have been developed in teams, and have benefited from a supporting group of expert tutors and multidisciplinary consultants. 

Link to FABbots website

lunedì 23 settembre 2013

"Nature Of Code" Tutorials for Python in Grasshopper

Jake Hebbert is translating "Nature of Code" by Daniel Shiffman into the Grasshopper Python environment of Rhino 3d.

Link to Jake Hebbert's youtube webpage

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Onix - opensource robotic controlling plugin for GH

Onix i s an open source robotic controller for universal robots currently in beta. Right now onix can generate URscript programs for universal robots using it's inverse kinematic solver with the ability to stream directly to the multiple robots at once.
The set of tools includes Inverse kinematic solver for the non spherical wrist UR10 robots, end effectors and I/O tools, program generation and program streaming components. All the tools are open source under the creative common licence.Feel free to edit update and improve the codes and clusters and share it with others.
The tool was created during the AAC "adaptive architecture and computation 2012/2013" course Thesis , Bartlett school of architecture, UCL, London.

Link to 'ONIX' grasshopper webpage

martedì 17 settembre 2013

Obuchi Lab

G30 Obuchi Laboratory at the University of Tokyo is dedicated to interdisciplinary design research connecting architecture, engineering, and computations to explore the ecosystems of contemporary urban environments. It seeks to develop and speculate upon new knowledge for architecture, where the practice of design engages in both social constructs and material performances on a number of scales. Its goal is to redefine the role of architecture as the essential element to theorise, conceptualise, analyse, form, organise, and generate new ideas of and for sustainable future–‐built environments.

Link to 'Obuchi Lab'

MASTA project

MASTA consists of a set of software tools which permit the construction of large scale structures and sculptures with the aid of 3D printers and a subsequent manual assembly process.
These software tools work by fragmenting large 3D models into pieces which have a printable size for usual personal 3D printing devices.

Link to 'Masta project'

Betatype / Research

Research into Material & Design through the use of Digital Computation and Solid Freeform Fabrication.

Link to 'Betatype / Research'

Somewhere Something

Somewhere Something is a design, fabrication and education collaboration between man, woman and machine located in a converted warehouse on the Eastside of Los Angeles.

Link to 'Somewhere Something'

Archsim - Energy Modeling for Grasshopper

The Archsim Energy Modeling component for Grasshopper allows you to quickly create multi-zone energy models and simulations for building design. The tool comes with an abstract thermal model class library and various functions such as “early design auto-zoning”, “automated intersections” etc. that assist you with model creation, simulation and result visualization.  Currently, supported simulation engines are Energy Plus 8.0 and ( TRNSYS 17). However, the open library allows you to extend the output functionality for any other simulation package.

Link to Archsim

venerdì 26 luglio 2013

Magnetic Architecture

Very interesting research done by Gabriel-Bello Diaz, Alexandre Dubor, Akhil Kapadia and Angel Lara at IaaC guided by Marta Malé-Alemany.

'Digital fabrication is emerging quickly in the architecture industry and begins to reinforce the building process into design. Through this emergence comes the focus of natural, recyclable and local materials overlapped with global access to data and digital tools. We are now able to explore the possibilities of merging these technologies together and develop a new system of design. By examining the collaboration of these techniques, what can this tell us for the future of architecture? As this field is gains momentum in exploring the process of production, we were guided to focus on a system in additive manufacturing. The research of Magnetic Architecture explores the use of different sensors and various digital tools to understand the possible trajectories digital fabrication can provide to a future design process. Starting from a material approach, the research focus on the design opportunities of material deposition and solidification within a magnetic fields. By positioning two strong magnets in space it is possible to construct sequential chains of iron-based micro-columns to create complex structural network and wall formations.'

Link to 'Magnetic Architecture' website

giovedì 25 luglio 2013

M-CDC - Master in Computational Design and Construction

'The post-graduate Master program focuses on digital design methods and construction technologies in Architecture, Engineering and Design. The Curriculum provides scientific and practical foundation and gives an overview of latest developments in Computational Design and Construction.'

Link to m-cdc website


'NSTRMNT is a multi-faceted design initiative, founded by Brian Harms in 2012, which aims to speculate on and improve the ever-changing relationship between machines [ hardware + software ] and processes of design and fabrication.'

Link to NSTRMNT website

lunedì 15 luglio 2013

NEWS 076

sketches[of]code - dual meshes in blender
blurry paths - Custom Sprite plugin for Grasshopper
robots in architecture - new kuka|prc release
blurry paths - Custom Sprite plugin for Grasshopper
food4rhino - Godzilla.  Simple and Intuitive Robotic Simulation
food4rhino - Human (Formerly HDT Utilities)
food4rhino - Selectable Preview
designcoding - Trifoliolate
Blender CAM - Blender CAM release 0.4.0 is out
responsive design studio - Quarter Iso Grid Cardboard Surfboard Study 
LMNts - Mesh Split in Grasshopper
LMNts - Processing Iteration Viewer
LMNts - Single Line Font for Fabrication
LMNts - Grasshopper to Catia Progress
LMNts - Acoustic Scattering Research
LMNts - Gear Story
Neoarchaic Design - Bumblebee Launch
MATSYS - SEAcraft Eggs
CAAD. Blog - Resinance
Geometry Gym - OpenBIM Scripting : Python IFC
Geometry Gym - More D's for Grasshopper BIM
Digital[Sub]stance - Triaxial Waffling Grasshopper3d Definition
The proving Ground - Dynamo: Visual Programming for BIM
Daniel Davis - Yeti: Designing geometric tools with interactive programming
Daniel Davis - FabPod
food4rhino - Primate: Leap Motion for Grasshopper
CERVER.org - adaptable forms
Computational Design Lab - me – crawling machine organism
designcoding - Voronoi Kündekari
designcoding - Defective Use of Algorithms: TPI Disability
Geometry Gym - GeomGym IFC import to VisualARQ (via Grasshopper)
MadeinCalifornia - many posts
PROG - many posts
spatial slur - SmartGeometry

Laura Michaels' Blog - Skin Graph

Very interesting design and fashion research developed by Laura Michaels

'Skin Graph has development advanced 3D mapping techniques, parametric design and data-driven fabrication processes, with the focus to address the engineered neutrality of optimisation. Skin Graph questions the practice of tailoring and proposes operative strategies that can inscribe the personality of the individual directly into apparel.'

Link to Laura Michaels' Blog
Link to Skin Graph post

Ortoo: The Geometry Messaging System

great Grasshopper component developed by MESH.

'Ortoo provides peer to peer geometry sharing. Built around a binary mesh format* that is 5x – 6x smaller than an .obj file, Ortoo is able to transfer mid-size meshes (< 35k vertices) quickly and painlessly between connected peers. The sharing/hosting app (called the Ortoo Browser) handles all the technical details of peer to peer networking via Unity’s RakNet implementation, so there is no setup required on the user side.
Currently, only geometry created with Grasshopper is supported, but future development would include support for Blender.'

Link to 'Ortoo' webpage

venerdì 24 maggio 2013

FabTools - Grasshopper toolset

Very interesting Grasshopper toolset develop by Florian Frank to increase the production process.

The digital fabrication tools for Grasshopper allows you to handle a lot of tasks when working for production. The different tools improve the ability of Grasshopper to set properties to geometry. Those properties improve your speed of work and create a good workflow from 3d engineering to production. Moving objects to layers, grouping or colouring them, most of the time you spend on setting up your Rhino Objects for printing, nesting or similar tasks will now be easier then ever.
FabTools consists of different UserObjects. An installation is not needed and you can drag them directly into Grasshopper.

Link to FabTools on Food4Rhino
Link to FabTools webpage
Link to FabTools - HowTo

martedì 23 aprile 2013

NEWS 075

Responsive Skins - A New Way of Visualizing Solar Radiation
LMNts - Processing and Optimization Solvers
the proving ground - Blender Python: 3D Supershape
Harri Lewis - Planar panels
Geometry Gym - IFC - What It Is and Why You Should Care?
Spatial Slur - Pheromone Targets
urban future organization -  future bubble
dothemutation - VENEZIA 02.13. LA MUTAZIONE
LMNts - Acoustic Reflection Form Finding
Generative Design Computing - surface domain 3D | rhinoscript python
n-fold geometry - Alhambra Pattern 4
MESH - PhysX for Rhino/GH: Proof of Concept
Plethora project - Gamescapes
Robots in Architecture - kuka|prc updated for 2013
designalyze - Custom Toolpaths From Surface Isocurves (Part 1: Grasshopper)
ErrorByErrors - Error_130203_Recursive Subdivision
popabczhang - 3D Cellular Automaton in Python for Rhino
n-fold geometry - Muqarnas Vault
form follows functions - EquilibriuMesh
MATSYS - Shellstar Pavilion
4ofSeven - Soft to Hard Canopy
CASE - Sneak peek of CASE Apps Grasshopper Plug-in
christopher whitelaw - many new posts
designcoding - many new posts
Digital[Sub]stance - Nudibranch + Millipede | Realitme Flowing Isosurface Definition
Digital[Sub]stance - Cushion Panels Script in Python for GH
Nervous System - OBJExport library – export color meshes from Processing
Alberto Pugnale - Computational Morphogenesis with Karamba/Galapagos – ...
Designalyze - Planar Quads
LMNts - Casting Experiment
Alberto Pugnale - Form-finding – Comparison between Karamba and Kangaroo
john locke - =)
LMNts - Fluids in Processing
LMNts - Updated Contour Tool
LMNts - TCPA – Mockup of Feature Wall
Spatial Slur - VolatileTerritories
LMNts - Grasshopper in the Office
code quotidien - HEM functions
code quotidien - Straight Skeleton (imperfect)
PYC/WEBLOG - many posts
Alberto Pugnale - Multi-Objective Optimization of shells – a simple benckmark with Grasshopper, Karamba and Octopus
Alberto Pugnale - Form-finding of reciprocal structures with Grasshopper and Galapagos
P&Alab - HyperCell_so_far (Processing)
Ben Coorey - Smart Geometry 2013: Developing the Interface
Nervous System - Nervous System x Constrvct collection
The Proving Ground - Slingshot! is now OPEN SOURCE
Morphocode - Interaction Study with Kinect and Cinder
Alberto Pugnale - The church of Longuelo – Parametric model and optimization with Grasshopper, Karamba and Galapagos
Blender CAM - update 0.2.2
CERVER.org - A Large amount of the plugins for Generative Components have gone Open source
Computational Matter - [T]ape Gunned
Reza Ai - Deadmau5 + Rezanator

venerdì 12 aprile 2013


SoomeenHahm.com™ is a London based design studio found in 2011. The practice runs based on a design research which search for coherent local behaviors generating highly affected global outcome exploring the relationship between design process and the final product. The practice is interested in conducting parametric and algorithmic design research within architectural design and seeks for architecture actively engage and change in different time and environment which is highly controlled within intelligence of design, within systemic research through computation, robotic, structural engineering, sustainable engineering and parametric control systems.

Link to 'SoomeenHahm' website

martedì 26 marzo 2013

Blender CAM

Blender CAM is an open source solution for artistic CAM - Computer aided machining needs.

Blender CAM is an extension for the free open-source Blender 3d package.

  •     Several milling strategies for 2D and 3D
  •     Cutter types: ball, flat, v-carve with various angles
  •     work with 3d data or depth images
  •     Layers and skin for roughing.
  •     Inverse milling
  •     Various options for ambient around model
  •     protection of vertical surfaces
  •     stay low - option for movement
  •     material size setup
  •     simulation of 3d operations

Export to:
  •     currently exports for mach3.
Link to 'Blender CAM' post

giovedì 14 marzo 2013

CTRL.SHIFT - Co-de-iT workshop - 2-7 April - Vienna

CTRL.SHIFT – the Control Shift in computational design
Grasshopper + Processing workshop
Vienna, Austria

The workshop explores the manifold relations of creativity and control in computational design. The availability of increasingly complex and sophisticated tools shifts how control and sensibility are exerted and deployed within the design process. A new computational craft is required, one that allows the embedding in computational simulation of matter and agency so that ideas propagate in a deeper ecology with degrees of autonomy that provide complex feedbacks. Objects and systems are not anymore simple assemblages of static parts but are generated from the interrelations of other complex objects within ecologies. The designer is not just merely using tools rather establishing a loop dialogue with their creative and autonomous possibilities: questioning their capacity and extension, evaluating and empathizing with the result that in turn allow configuring and being configured by them continuously.

We will explore matter and agency behaviors through Grasshopper (with Millipede plugin) and Processing, interrogating the aesthetic potential of Topology Optimization and Multi-Agent Systems.

Link to Co-de-iT workshop webpage

Future CNC

Future CNC explores the future of computer numeric controlled (CNC) manufacturing technologies as they proliferate into domestic, commercial, and creative settings. As the cost of CNC machinery rapidly decreases, powerful, precise, and efficient new tools will become available to a much wider audience. Students are invited to speculate and create a vision for how CNC and robotic fabrication techniques will be put to use in the future.

Link to 'Future CNC' website

The Computational Monkeys

Through design applications, research and knowledge transfer, THE COMPUTATIONAL MONKEYS aim to gather, broadcast and produce progressive architectural ideas on the computational condition of our contemporary societies.

I really like this research group because is one of the first that starts to investigate possible Architecture and BCI (Brain Computer Interface) relationships.

Link to 'The Computational Monkeys' website

venerdì 8 marzo 2013

ArchDaily - interview to Andrew Hessel

The future will pose tremendous challenges to how architecture and cities are conceived, requiring comprehensive and scalable solutions, often found outside of what we traditionally call “architecture”. So after hundreds of interviews with architects that we’ve conducted, we realized that in order to confront these challenges we needed to expand our focus. For the first time, we invited to our office an “architect” of life, Andrew Hessel, co-chair of the and Bioinformatics Program at Singularity University and leader in the field of synthetic biology (the design of life through the use of information technology).

Link to ArchDaily interview webpage

Ladybug - grasshopper plugin

Ladybug is a free and open source environmental plugin for Grasshopper to help designers create an environmentally-conscious architectural design. Ladybug allows you to: import and analyze standard weather data in Grasshopper; draw diagrams like Sun-path, wind-rose, radiation-rose, etc; customize the diagrams in several ways; run radiation analysis, shadow studies, and view analysis for your design inside Grasshopper!

Link to Ladybug

venerdì 1 marzo 2013

CAMel - grasshopper component for CAM

CAMel is a project to develop Rhino Grasshopper components for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). At present the components are just clusters with scripted components written within Grasshopper. The next major step will be to convert this into a proper grasshopper plug-in.
The main components are as follows:
  • GCode Writer: Converts lists of points, vectors and feed rates into GCode for the machine.
  • GCode Checker: Reads GCode and checks and optimises it. For example a 5-axis machine can usually obtain any tool angle in two different ways. This selects the better angle. It will also give warnings of undesirable behavior in the GCode.
  • Surfacing: Creates a toolpath to cut an arbitrary surface (very rough version, designed to test others)
  • Swarf cutting: Creates toolpath from information about the movement of the tip of the tool and the point in which the tool enters the surface. For a 5-axis machine these paths can be quite different.
Link to CAMel webpage

giovedì 28 febbraio 2013


The Experimental Design Lab, or the Ex-Lab, is a design and research collective that promotes creative utilisations of computation in art, architecture, engineering and related design disciplines. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the collective organises experimental collaborative research projects and exploratory workshops that focus on learning through making with digital fabrication at its core.

Link to 'ex-Lab' website
Link to ex-Lab vimeo's channel (many interesting tutorials)

martedì 29 gennaio 2013

CAAD blog

Blog held by Prof. Ludger Hovestadt, Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, Departement for Architecture, ETH Zürich

Link to 'CAAD blog'

Medaarch workshops - 4×4 ARCHITECTURE

La Medaarch organizza 4 corsi intensivi, ognuno della durata di un giorno, su 4 software:

- Sabato 16 febbraio: Rhinoceros 3d . introduzione alla modellazione,
- Domenica 17 febbraio: Grasshopper . introduzione alla progettazione parametrica, 
- Sabato 23 febbraio: v-ray for Rhino . introduzione alla renderizzazione,
- Domenica 24 febbraio: Rhino cam . introduzione alla fabbricazione digitale.

Il corso, di livello beginners/medio, si propone di avvicinare i partecipanti alla conoscenza dei 4 software e delle loro potenzialità. E’ quindi aperto a tutti.

Orari corso: Ogni corso si terrà dalle 9:30 alle 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:30

Link alla pagina di Medaarch  '4×4 ARCHITECTURE' workshops [ITA]
Link to Medaarch  '4×4 ARCHITECTURE' workshops [ENG]

Responsive design studio

The strength of the team is rooted in design research and a commitment to exploring opportunities in creating responsive, adaptive and adapted physical space. We have a special interest in alternative solutions for vivid architectural geometries that interact with its user in the process of creation but also in its built shape, materialization, surface and visual behavior. A special focus lies on moving, dynamic structures but also on generative, parametric building and design.

Link to 'Responsive design studio' blog
Link to 'Bio Plastics Formfinding Workshop Cologne' post

Nudibranch | Add-on for Grasshopper3d

The Nudibrach Add-in for Grasshopper3d is a set of components facilitating and automating Grasshopper’s capacity to generate distance-based value fields, in addition to moving particles through attractor defined vector-fields while creating animated simulations of these particles.

In particular, Nudibranch aims to automate the attractor development process (one or multiple), while covering most of the frequently used cases, without however intending to replace or render useless the basic understanding of how attractors operate. Furthermore, three animation components enable the real-time interaction between attractors and the affected data.

Link to 'Nudibrach' Digital[Sub]stance webpage
Link to 'Nudibrach' Food4Rhino webpage

materiability research network

The materiability research network is a community platform, an educational network and an open materials database. It emerged from a joint initiative between the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design, ETH Zürich and Interaction Design, Zürich University of the Arts.
Funded in a believe in unrestricted access to information and knowledge it is strongly driven by a community that finds equal inspiration in digital creation and physical making. This platform brings together architects, artists, designers, students, scientists and researchers who share a common fascination with smart, programmable materials and their potential integration into architecture and design to create softer, more dynamic environments.

Link to 'materiability research network'

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

GoldFish Alpha

GoldFish is a CFD [Computational fluid dynamics] Solver for grasshopper written in C++ and C# developed by Erik Thorson - thispointon

Link to GoldFish Alpha download webpage


igeowiki is library for your processing and igeo sketches.

Link to igeowiki


r[e]merging is a design and research studio that pursues avant-garde architecture through innovative design and fabrication technologies, combining rigorous academic speculations and inventive professional methods
r[e]merging is led by Stefano Andreani | Design Robotics Group | Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Link to 'r[e]merging' website

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013


FreelandBuck is an architectural design practice based in New York and Los Angeles affiliated with Yale University and Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). Our office focuses on research and design, exploring the overlap between academia and practice. 

Link to FreelanBuck website

DigitAG& 2012 ebook [pdf] is out !

As every year I collected all my links in one e-book [pdf format] that you can download for free here:
DigitAG& 2012 book

I also remind to DigitAG& followers that I share everyday more links about generative architecture, scripting technique, computational design, science, biology, materials, complexity, networks, evolution, cyborgs, etc ... here:

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/arch.a.graziano/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/digitag/
Google plus - http://gplus.to/digitag
Scoop.it - http://www.scoop.it/t/digitag-journal
Twylah - http://www.twylah.com/digitag

Have a nice reading!

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Nathan's Blender Python Notebook

Blender is a powerful open source modeling platform with features that rival professional-grade packages such as 3D Studio Max and Maya. In addition to a fully featured set of modeling tools, Blender features a very robust Python API which allows you to create scripts and add-ons. I am continually impressed with how cool of a platform Blender is for modeling… and it's free!

This notebook will follow a similar format to my RevitPythonShell resource. I will be documenting helpful processes and scripts that focus on the use of Blender as a possible platform for computational design in architecture.

Link to 'Nathan's Blender Python Notebook' webpage

Thomas Diewald - blog

Very interesting blog held by Thomas Diewald

'i’ll use this blog to show some of my work, provide code-snippets (mel,  rhino, grasshopper, C/C++, C-Sharp, processing, java, etc.) , processing libraries, 3d-modells, tutorials, atc .'

Link to T.Diewald blog

ODS Studio

Very interesting Blender3d plug-in developed by ODS Engineering studio !

ODS Studio is the flagship tool developed by ODS aimed at rapid design and analysis of commercial and residential building design. It brings together many already existing open-source tools to produce a platform for modelling and interaction of the results of many simulation methodologies. 

ODS Studio is a highly customizable tool-set and user-interface that was designed specifically to bring advanced technical analysis to an earlier stage in the design process. It draws upon industry-standard and validated "engines" to carry out the calculations but wraps these tools in an interface which facilitates import,export and manipulation of multiple 3D formats including OBJ, 3DS, gbXML (Revit/ArchiCAD), and FBX (Autodesk's new platform-independent 3d data interchange format).
Current features include:

Link to ODS Studio webpage
Link to Video demontrations webpage
Link to ODS Studio download webpage

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

NEWS 074

n-fold geometry - Alhambra Pattern 1
GhPython: - For Grasshopper 0.9.6
Digital[Sub]stance - New GH User Object – Curve Ascending/Descending Values [plus] update on all the VB.net components for Grasshopper 0.9.xxxx
P&Alab -  Chair_ish
codeQuotidien - Half-Edge Mesh 
Architectureincombination's Blog - Single Tile Aperiodicity 
synth[e]tech morphologies - Procedural matter
Project Hummingbird - Hummingbird Update + New Rooms & Areas Component
P&A LAB - HyperCell_ComponentTest
LMNts - Adaptive Components, GH to Revit
P&A LAB - SwarmMonster(Processing)
The Proving Ground - Interoperable Geometry (Part 1): Curves
The Proving Ground - Interoperable Geometry (Part 2): Spline Control
The Proving Ground - Interoperable Geometry (Part 3): Surface Forms
muehlseife - correlations library v0.4
morphogenesism - [Kaarbandi] in morphogenesism
ModeLab - Grasshopper | Waffle Structure
ModeLab - Rhino.Python | Recursion
Woo Jae's blog
P&Alab - HyperShell(HyperCell2.0, Processing)
P&Alab - Wall_Generation(HyperCell 2.0)
code.algorithmicdesign.net - Flocking-Agents
Architecture in Combination - Panel Simulation with Custom Joints
Blog Binturong - A Workaround for Iteration in Grasshopper
designcoding - Subdivide by Image Contrast
designcoding - Rhombille Tiling on Surface
designcoding - Searching for a Full Circle Packing
designcoding - Complex Numbers
designcoding - Julia Set
designcoding - Mandelbrot Set
designcoding - Variable Voronoi Study
designcoding - Seamless Patterns
generative design computing - many posts
LMNts - Make2D Animations
LMNts - Laser Cutters and Circuit Boards
S. Yuan blog - [Research Project] Experiment in Gray Scott RD
popabczhang - Voxel Study - Python Script in Rhino 5
[uto] - MeshPaint for Rhino 5.0
eat-a-bug - Masonry Workshop at ETH Zurich
modeLab - Dynamic Patterning in Grasshopper
RPI Digital Sessions - Rhino.Python/Grasshopper: Wave Field
MadeInCalifornia - Gradient Descent_01
Computational matter - [M]illerTime
Digital[Sub]stance - 2-state Cellular Automaton in Python for Grasshopper
Digital[Sub]stance - Rossler Attractor Python Script in Grasshopper3d
n-fold geometry - many posts
WeWantToLearn - Plateau’s Laws, Soap Bubbles & Grasshopper
algorithmicdesign.net - many posts
LMNts - Automating R-value Calculations
LMNts - People as Particles
LMNts - Kerf Bending
thibault.schwartz - HAL // Robot Programming & Control [0.04]
arc:ode - Curved Folding Paper
Heumann Design/Tech - Tweet2Form: The Formalist Tweetbot!
urban future organization - code to production – canopy construction
Space Symmetry Structure - Orthogonal Clustering
blog binturong - Analyzing Grasshopper Definitions
blog4ofseven - Spider4Rhino Tutorial
CODA academic - Bending Rolling Cutting Gluing
designcoding - many posts
designedbyenergy - Formula driven panel variation in Revit
make a hybrid - Computational background of Candelabrum 2.0
LMNts - Acoustic Reflection Patterns
LMNts - Rorschach Shadow Diagram Implementation
LMNts - Section Boxes in Grasshopper
Project Hummingbird - Hummingbird Updates – New Level Component
Projectione - Digital Experiment