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venerdì 1 marzo 2013

CAMel - grasshopper component for CAM

CAMel is a project to develop Rhino Grasshopper components for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). At present the components are just clusters with scripted components written within Grasshopper. The next major step will be to convert this into a proper grasshopper plug-in.
The main components are as follows:
  • GCode Writer: Converts lists of points, vectors and feed rates into GCode for the machine.
  • GCode Checker: Reads GCode and checks and optimises it. For example a 5-axis machine can usually obtain any tool angle in two different ways. This selects the better angle. It will also give warnings of undesirable behavior in the GCode.
  • Surfacing: Creates a toolpath to cut an arbitrary surface (very rough version, designed to test others)
  • Swarf cutting: Creates toolpath from information about the movement of the tip of the tool and the point in which the tool enters the surface. For a 5-axis machine these paths can be quite different.
Link to CAMel webpage

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