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mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition | Foundations by Modelab

Modelab just released the new Grasshopper Primer called 'The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition | Foundations'. A big Thank You is really deserved.

Link to 'The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition | Foundations' webpage

Interactive Architecture

The Interactive Architecture Lab is a multi-disciplinary research group and Masters Programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Interested in the Behaviour and Interaction of Things, Environments and their Inhabitants.

Link to Interactive Architecture
Link to 'Scorpion – Robotics Controller'
Link to 'Furl: Soft Pneumatic Pavilion'


Bartlett Prospective is the new structure for the Post-professional Masters Programmes at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Link to B-pro


HyperCell - The research is focused on aspects of self-assembly, fabrication and prototyping.

Link to HyperCell


ShapeOp is a header-only C++ library for static and dynamic geometry processing, using a unified framework for optimization under constraints. Examples of its applications include architectural design subject to geometric constraints, and physics simulation of elastic materials. It is developed by the Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory of EPFL, in collaboration with Daniel Piker and Anders Holden Deleuran. It is released under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

Link to ShapeOp

Digital Matter - Intelligent Constuctions

The Intelligent Constructions research line wishes to explore how Digital Fabrication goes beyond assigning material properties into rigid construction components. The group works with digital content, information and fabrication for the generation of new techniques generating the production of non-rigid, responsive and multi-functional material and construction systems. Hence generating an architecture that is not just mimicking the living but is roaring into life.

Link to Digital Matter - Intelligent Constuctions

Gozour Workshops

Gozour Workshops - Parametric Design Tutorials and Guide Files

Link to Gozour Workshops

Shaping Behaviour

SHAPING BEHAVIOUR    revolves around the psychological and physical aspects of morphogenesis. From a psychological point of view, shaping refers to the INFLICTED, CAUSED and or TRAINED TRANSFORMATIONS of the behaviour of an organism/object – which we are addressing through computation. The physical meaning refers to the formal outline and/or geometry of a given object – this being both a two dimensional or three dimensional results of the ongoing COMPUTATIONAL EXPERIMENTATIONS. Since we are not interested in static experiments, nor in the direct results, behavior is referring to the PROCESS and the INTENSIVE USAGE of agent based algorithms and systems.

Link to Shaping Behaviour

Cellular Complexity

Cellular Complexity is a design-research collaboration between Kais Al-Rawi, Julia Koerner and Marie Boltenstern established in 2012 at the Architectural Association London. The Research investigates complex cellular systems and their potential for architectural applications that utilize efficient space-packing geometries with a special focus on emergent technologies in Architecture and Design.

Link to Cellular

Diagramming Machines

Diagramming Machines - Writings on computational and generative design

Link to Diagramming Machines

Spatial Pixel

Spatial Pixel is a resource for computational designers, covering emerging topics like algorithmic design, automated reasoning, design computation, optimization, and more.

Link to Spatial Pixel


Tyrertecture is the blog of designer and lecturer Nick Tyrer

Link to Tyrertecture