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martedì 26 giugno 2012

Obsession - monthly paper by disguincio&co

Obsessions is a collection of mini monthly paper curated by disguincio&co  and published on the City Vision magazine website

Various themes will be introduced, not necessarily built on the architectural discourse, but towards which they can interact, compare and talk together to open new doors of interpretation.
Since these are obsession, there will not be a specified order in the publications, but a flow of thoughts that go through different fields such as aesthetics, perception, biology, matter, robotics, flesh…
Obsessions è una raccolta mensile di mini paper curati da disguincio&co e pubblicato sul sito della rivista City Vision

Saranno presentati vari temi non necessariamente costruiti sul discorso architettonico, ma con il quale potranno interagire, confrontarsi e dialogare per aprire nuove porte interpretative.
Essendo ossessioni, non ci sarà un ordine specifico nelle pubblicazioni, ma più un flusso di riflessioni che attraverseranno diversi campi come l’estetica, la percezione, la biologia, la materia, la robotica, la carne…

Link to "City Vision - Obsession" webpage

lunedì 25 giugno 2012

NEWS 072

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DesignCoding - Solar Analysis including Occlusion
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eSCRIPT-O - RHPY – Marching cubes algorithm
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LMNts - TCPA - Feature Wall Panel Layout
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eat-a-bug - Digital Tools in Sculptural Practice
WooJae's Blog - Grasshopper VB workshop @ Harvard GSD Spring 2012
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blog binturong - Managing data in Grasshopper II - Trees
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Kruysman - Proto - many posts
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P&A LAB - Emotive Matter
HIROSHI JACOBS - New Version of Chameleon


"CODA (Computational Design Affairs) is a design consulting agency that focus in three inter-related fields: innovation, research and teaching.
We are a flexible team of architects, engineers & computer scientists, with a high technical background. We focus in making this world a better place through technological efficiency.
Our research fields are geometry, construction, structures, and computer science, and we focus in the optimization of processes: reduction of energy, material and time costs in design fields."

Link to "CODA" website

sabato 16 giugno 2012

Playing God - BBC Documentary 2012

"life itself is became a programmable machine" ...

"Broadcast (2012) Adam Rutherford meets a new creature created by American scientists, the spider-goat. It is part goat, part spider, and its milk can be used to create artificial spider's web. It is part of a new field of research, synthetic biology, with a radical aim: to break down nature into spare parts so that we can rebuild it however we please. This technology is already being used to make bio-diesel to power cars. Other researchers are looking at how we might, one day, control human emotions by sending 'biological machines' into our brains."

One of the most amazing documentary I ever see. It's about programming life, Synthetic biology and our next (already here) future.

Link to "Playing God" youtube video

mercoledì 13 giugno 2012


"openshapefactory is a simple to use 3d scripting language based on OpenCascade.

OpenShapefactory is a Middle-Man between you, OpenCascade and QT, it serves as a Geometry Factory wrapping OpenCascade, and providing a single-point of entry to the creation of most geometrical operations.
In a Gecko - OpenShapeFactory allows you to:
  • create Brep-Geometry: i.e ( sweeps, loft surface, revolvesurface, face,edge,etc);
  • visualize the geometry into a 3d viewport.
  • link QtWidget's created manually in the Qt-Designer to Update Functions that Create Geometry.
  • Get direct access to the HSF library using QtScript( ECMA/Javascript) using the ScriptWidget.
The openshapefactory is divided literally between a 2d surface left and a 3d surface right. The 2d surface is a diagrammatic panel where widgets are loaded, in the case of the precompiled download, a QScintilla text-editor widget with programmatic access to the openshapefactory is automatically added as the only widget. To the right of the 2d panel you have the 3d view port, any change to the code that results from a visible shape will be immediately visible in the 3d view port."

Link to "openshapefactory" webpage