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giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Christopher Whitelaw

Very interesting website with a lot of Maya, MEL and Grasshopper tutorials and definitions.
Link to "Christopher Whitelaw" website

mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011

PackRat - Bin Packing in Grasshopper

Another interesting component made by
Volatile Prototypes
Volatile Prototypes
Volatile Prototypes
"PackRat is a component for Grasshopper that facilitates the arrangement of rectangular items within rectangular containers with the aim of improving efficient use of space. In other words, it attempts to approximate optimal solutions to the 3D bin-packing problem."

Link to "Packrat" post

mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Open Energy

Open Energy Visualization intends to develop a platform to explore new visualization systems and interaction of energy. The system is structured around two dimensions: Open Energy Monitor (Energy Monitoring Device), investigates open hardware devices to monitor electrical consumption and a second dimension, Open Energy Visualization (Data Visualization / Spatial Data Visualization), explores visualization systems in real-time on electricity consumption, allowing us to amplify the awareness around energy.

Open Energy Visualization (OEV) is a software to visualize, in real-time, the electricity consumption in the city. OEV explores visualization and interaction systems on different scales (urban/domestic), what enables new forms of energy-human relationship. Augmentation system for energy data infrastructure will enable a new form of consciousness evolved, that allows us to redefine the energetic systems. OEV proposes, as a visualization prototype, exploring the electricity consumption of Kitchen Budapest Lab @KIBU by monitoring devices DIWO/Open Hardware. OEV tries to be an Open Sofware Platform from which any citizen could visualize electricity consumption of their home-environment.

Real-Time Visualization on Pattern Electricity Consumption in Kitchen Budapest Lab @KIBU.

Open Energy is a project to develop and build open source energy monitoring and analysis visualization tools for energy efficiency and distributed renewable micro-generation.

To the next stage of evolution of the Internet of Things, Open Energy considers the design of a visual system that is inserted into a new energy distribution model (Smart Grids, Tom Raftery) where the invention of technologies will enable a decentralized redistribution production electricity on a global scale, defining new frameworks for sustainable balance.

Open Energy (OE) is a real-time visualization of electricity consumption (kWh) and levels of CO2 (g) issued in the city. OE intends to implement the Smart Grid system design (Intelligent Electric Distribution Networks) through the invention of visualization technologies and autonomous production of energy, allowing greater optimization of the distribution of global electric energy. These visual structures enable new forms of energy-human relationship. The real-time visualization of electricity consumption patterns and the simulation in predicting consumption, constitute new information systems through which to view energy consumption, CO2 levels, nodes with a surplus production energy, real-time value of electricity.

Open Energy Visualization by Fran Castillo

Collaborator : Christian Szucher (KIBU Researcher)

Open Energy Visualization is licensed under a Creative Commons.

Link to "Open Energy" website

venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

RESONATE Festival - Belgrade, 16-17 March 2012

"Resonate is setting new standards in the arts industry by creating a new platform for networking, information, knowledge sharing and education. It will bring together distinguished, world class artists, with an opportunity of participating in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

International festival dedicated to technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media that will include installations, exhibitions, concerts and DJ sets, expert lectures, workshops and round tables…

“RESONATE” is more than just a music festival, expert seminar or exhibition of visual arts. It is a project broad enough to encompass areas ranging from software engineering to visual arts theory, but also to create a bridge between culturally separated segments of the artistic and intellectual scene through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach."

Link to "RESONATE Festival" website

mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

LAN-FLIGHT EUROPE - January 9-16/17 2012 // innsbruck // stuttgart // barcelona//

LAN-FLIGHT EUROPE January 9-16/17 2012 // innsbruck // stuttgart // barcelona//

LaN FLIGHT is a seminar / tour of digital fabrication practices & programs. This en-route experience draws a diverse group of design participants from afar for a full schedule of exchanges with leading practitioners, practices, fabrication labs… all while exposed to European transit infrastructure... trains planes & even a few mountain roads.

LaN FLIGHT EUROPE marks LaN's fifth initiative on-the-fly & our first in EUROPE. JOIN us for the full trip or the leg that suits your interests. LaN is looking to attract a geographically diverse group of students & professionals with various design backgrounds. LaN FLIGHT 2012 EU is co-piloted by LaN Monika Wittig & Co-de-iT Andrea Graziano

LaN FLIGHT is looking for highly ambitious-adaptable-endurance oriented participants to fully embrace the nature of this curated experience. Please take a look at our 3 previous editions to best judge if this type of experience suits you. If you are willing to allot 8 days of your life to this pursuit and have no allergies to extreme mobility & group dynamics… welcome to LaN FLIGHT.

For INFO and registration:

Smart Art

"Smart Art - A following of Inter-discipline work dealing with the Arts and Technology."

Link to "Smart Art" blog

Maysam's Blog

Inserisci link

Link to "Maysam's Blog" blog

giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

HAL V0.01 - ABB robots (re)programming

"Hal is a new Grasshopper plugin which allows to prototype RAPID code (programmation language for ABB Robots) very quickly. It is then possible to set entirely parametric code generation for robotized non-standard fabrication of your grasshopper based designs."

Link to "thibault.schwartz " website
Link to "Hal // ABB Robots (re)programming" post

High-Low Tech

"High-Low Tech, a research group at the
MIT Media Lab, integrates high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures. Our primary aim is to engage diverse audiences in designing and building their own technologies by situating computation in new cultural and material contexts, and by developing tools that democratize engineering. We believe that the future of technology will be largely determined by end-users who will design, build, and hack their own devices, and our goal is to inspire, shape, support, and study these communities. To this end, we explore the intersection of computation, physical materials, manufacturing processes, traditional crafts, and design. Watch a recent video about High-Low Tech here."

Link to "High-Low Tech" website

Hyperbody workshop - Robotic Facade Fabrication

The Hyperbody workshop series presents: Robotic Facade Fabrication
12th-16th December 2011 - Hyperbody Robotic Lab, RDM Campus Rotterdam
Five days of folding, simulation and robotic fabrication

When changing a paradigm, it is best not to even try and improve the old one in any way. It is best to start from scratch. RoboFold is an attempt to completely re-think how metal can be formed. It is system that works with the material and not against it. It is a system built around the gentle bends and sharp crease lines of curved folding in sheet material. It is a system that allows a product to exist at many scales through an iterative design and development process, letting hand folding of paper and other materials naturally exist alongside the robotic folding of metal.

Element: Facade
Leaders: Gregory Epps (RoboFold) and Daniel Piker (Kangaroo)
Material: Aluminium sheet
Hardware: 3-axis CNC router and 6-axis industrial robots
Output: Profiled and folded sheets
Software: Kangaroo and Lobster (Grasshopper plugins)
Computation: Physics engine/ inverse kinematics

Info at: