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giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Rhino Grasshopper Controller - Android app

Interesting Android app developed by Sam Bernaerdt

'The Rhino Grasshopper Controller sends all the sensor information from your device directly to Grasshopper. From there you can do with it whatever you want and control your geometry with gravity, rotation, light or touch input...
It sends all that data via Wifi to your network and uses the gHowl plugin to read it back in.'

Link to 'Rhino Grasshopper Controller' Android app 

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

KiwiViewer app

'KiwiViewer is a free, open-source visualization app for exploring scientific and medical datasets that runs on Android and iOS mobile devices with multi-touch interaction. KiwiViewer supports a variety of file formats, including obj, stl, ply, and vtk. Datasets may be loaded into KiwiViewer from the SD card, email attachments, or DropBox, or downloaded from a URL.'

Link to KiwiViewer webpage

Starling - Grasshopper plug-in

Starling is a new and very interesting grasshopper plug-in developed by Mateusz Zwierzycki.

'Starling mesh tools. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface - you can evaluate points at any place etc. Is it accurate ? - not at all, but give it just a minute and you'll probably fall in love. Mesh morphing, remeshing, smooth curves evaluation (see group image), 3d convex hull and last but not least - slFastMesh - which will enable you to stop thinking about meshing parameters and start playing.'

Link to Starling webpage on food4rhino
More info & examples at : http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/starling


'ATLV is a computational design firm based in Los Angeles. The firm explores the frontier of computational design technology through design practice and research in contemporary architecture and spatial design.'

Link to 'ATLV' website

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

NEWS 073

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Reza Ali - ciUI: A User Interface Block for Cinder
CEED studio - Sonic for Grasshopper
complexitys - Generative Systems : A Paradigm for Modelling Complex Adaptive Architecture
I Eat Bugs For Breakfast - On Icons
isgstudio - 120712_sunskin system
muehlseife - swarm simulation + correlations library
The Proving Ground - Now on YouTube! Vasari Talk 13: Scripting with Python
The Proving Ground - LunchBox v0.32 Available
object-e.net - Cellular Structures
S.Yuan Blog - 2012 experiment on Processing
urban future organization - we ♥ intersections
urban future organization - grasshopper3d + hoopsnake
Form Follows Performance - Open Source IFC Exporter for Revit 2013
designcoding - MusicXML to Grasshopper
designcoding - Metronome Continued…
designcoding - Hyperbolic Tessellations Continued
designcoding - Animate Sketching of a Parametric Truss
Design Reform - many posts
Computational Matter [Nigma] - many posts
DDA Repository - many posts
W:Blut - Fixation data fixation
Digital[Sub]stance - Parametric Wireframe Bracelet
ianCode - Data Bound Tree View for dynWatch
Architecture In Combination - Pressure Particles
Giulio Piacentino - Weaverbird 0.5.99 Compatibility
Digital Crafting - DigitalCrafting publication online
Geometry Gym - GH to Archicad (OpenBIM IFC)
Attitude Geometries - Bridge
dp stuff - Improved Randomizer 0.04 - Now as a Model-less Dialog Form
MORPHOGENESISM - Generative Algorithms _ New Edition
Project Hummingbird - Hummingbird Update + New Grid Component
4ofSeven - 1112M5 Inconsistencies v0.4
blurry paths - Wet threads experiments. GH & Kangaroo
Heumann Design/Tech - Tree Splitter – Auto-instantiating components on the GH Canvas

martedì 21 agosto 2012


Coral is an open-source visual programming environment to help artists and coders with rapid prototyping of CGI algorithms and workflows.

Technology Overview:
    c++ multi-threaded core library to handle hierarchical dependency graphs
    python bindings
    Py Qt user interface
    maya integration plugin
    c++ and python SDK
    compatible with windows, linux and mac 

Link to 'Coral-repo' website
Link to 'Coral' videos on Vimeo

You can download Coral at: http://proceduralinsight.com/downloads.html

New Firefly Website, Tools (1.003), Examples, and Primer

Link to new 'Firefly' website

lunedì 20 agosto 2012

SYNTH(e)TiC Morphologies

Very interesting blog held by Tommaso Casucci

link to 'SYNTH(e)TiC Morphologies' blog

hybrid materiality

Link to 'hybrid materiality' blog

blurry paths

'About architecture, coding, parametric design, photography ... by Ángel Linares.'

Link to 'blurry paths' blog

Fabrication Robotics Network

'The Fabrication Robotics Network is a platform for the sharing of knowlegde and techniques related to advanced fabrication, in particular that which takes advantage of industrial robotic equipment and algorithmic design techniques.'

Link to 'Fabrication Robotics Network' blog