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venerdì 30 ottobre 2009

"casadetodos" e Geo_Systems di Veronica Arcos

Da un po' di tempo seguivo "Geo_Systems" ovvero il blog di Veronica Arcos (architetto cileno) ed oggi voglio segnalare sia il suo blog ma soprattutto la sua realizzazione "casadetodos" pubblicata sia su ArchDaily che Plataforma Arquitectura.


Blog di Bolojan Daniel con molti interessanti post relativi all'uso di grasshopper.

lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione"

"lunga lezione che Alessandro Baricco ha tenuto al cinema Anteo di Milano il 22 maggio su i barbari e la mutazione"

Non credo sia un off-topic.
Una grande lezione riguardo i cambiamenti in atto.

Link al libro "I barbari: saggio sulla mutazione"
Link al video (8 parti)
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 1
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 2
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 3
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 4
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 5
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 6
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 7
Alessandro Baricco: "I barbari e la mutazione" - Puntata 8

NEWS 038

Space Symmetry Structure - Medial Axes / Voronoi skeletons
Space Symmetry Structure - Twisting branches
Geometry Gym - Extruding along Rhino Curves
Geometry Gym - Infinity Bridge - Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence
neoarchaic - Randomizer
neoarchaic - Point the Way
wework4her - anything to add to fantastic mr.gaudi ?
Liquid tectonics - RhinoScript Plugin - Mesh/Texture Tools
yet another script? - Exploring computation [excerpts - under graduate thesis]
yet another script? - "Writing surfaces" [parametric variants - Mathcad]
Un Didi - Grasshopper Boids/Agents
SoftRigid - ornamental connectivity_bench
BIOS - Explorations in 3d Printing
Digital Futures - Digital Tracery: Lawrence Blough and Aaron White
eat-a-bug - Dreidle Urbanism
eat-a-bug - Armillary Sphere
Live Components - 8.3 Transformable Structure
LAN - Alternate Interface: Control Grasshopper from iPod
object-e.net - Protocol Infrastructure
g.d.e.s. - GenerativeComponents - EnergyPlus, Connection (wip)
isgstudio - 091025_isosurf

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

Book: Bootstrapping Complexity

Kevin Kelly's "Out of Control" book remixed by Andreas Lloyd
Link alla pagina del download

Field Line Urbanism

"Journal on a team's investigation with Parametric Urbanism, A brief of the Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association."

3ª Edition Premio PFC 2009

Award Details

As in previous editions, the aim of this award is to encourage research and refection among architecture students. The present edition of 2009 wants to deepen in the double condition of our daily work: at the same time local and global. As architects, we work in a cross-cultural and diverse reality, using a big variety of media and tools. At the same time, we are affected by the homogenization process of globalization, digital technology and communication. The aim of this competition is to refect and to contrast all this complexity.The brief for the competition is free of topic. The jury will select Final Year
Diploma Projects that, taking into account specifc geographical and cultural issues, provide a creative and innovative architectural answer in the ambivalent feld of attention to local and global scales, from affordable technology to maximum possible innovation.

ACXT Architects, is a team of professionals who aim to take a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach to architecture. It is a part of the engineering group IDOM, from which it has inherited its philosophy of teamwork and action.
IDOM, is an international frm offering multi-disciplinary professional services. It has offces and professionals working worldwide, mainly specialising in Consultancy, Engineering and Architecture.

Download Poster
Download Registration form

martedì 20 ottobre 2009


Interessante blog con una sezione LAB contenente materiale inerente Generative Components e Grasshopper.

Frikearq - Arquitectura Paramétrica

Blog di Miguel Vidal con alcuni post inerenti grasshopper.

5st Workshop aast /// Design with Gehry Technologies Digital Project

evento legato a: AAST - Advanced Architecture Settimo Tokyo - Biennale 2009 - 2011

Date & Tutors:
16, 17, 18 novembre
Gehry Technologies Tutors
19,20,21 novembre
- Federico Rossi (Zaha Hadid Architects, Technical Tutor in Diploma School at Architectural Association)
- Edmondo Occhipinti (Senior Project Consultant Gehry Tecnologies, edmondo occhipinti architect)

MusicLab, la Suoneria, Via Partigiani 4 - Settimo T.se (To)

Costi workshop:
- Studenti € 400,00
- Soci CASARTARC € 450,00
- Professionisti € 500,00

PREISCRIZIONE 20 gg prima l'inizio del workshop cui si intende partecipare di € 100,00
SALDO 8 gg prima del workshop prescelto
SCONTI a chi partecipa a più workshop:
10% della quota intera per l'iscrizione al secondo e terzo workshop (avendo frequentato il primo)
30% della quota intera per l'iscrizione al quarto e quinto workshop (avendo frequentato i primi tre)
Costo tessera CASARTARC € 15,00

Per iscrizioni:
CASARTARC - Casa delle Arti e dell'Architettura - La Giardinera

complexitys - Geometrie et architecture complexe

Recente ed interessante blog dello studio HDA Paris.
"This blog is a research platform about architecture and complex geometry. We would like to build a space for open debate on contemporary architecture and new technologies issues."

(I really like this words: "Like a small but growing number of other architecture offices, we believe that sharing content can be useful, productive and not anti-economic. In other words, we believe in an Open Culture.")

lunedì 19 ottobre 2009


"This site is a work in progress and provided to the web by the students from The School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark – Department for Architecture, Experiment and Technology. The material provided here are student's works and the images and the text material is gathered or written by the stents during their studies and released under the CC-license (Creative Commons). "


lunedì 5 ottobre 2009


Blog di Daniel Reist, Christoph Hermann e Alex Karaivanov presso la masterclass di zaha hadid alla
University for Applied Arts in Vienna.

….yet another script?

Alcuni interessanti post relativi all'esplorazione matematica in grasshopper.
Link al blog di Karthik Dondeti, studente della Harvard University.

Live Components - NY

"This is Hyoung-gul Kook(HG)'s blog about study of parametric design using Rhino Grasshopper".