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venerdì 24 maggio 2013

FabTools - Grasshopper toolset

Very interesting Grasshopper toolset develop by Florian Frank to increase the production process.

The digital fabrication tools for Grasshopper allows you to handle a lot of tasks when working for production. The different tools improve the ability of Grasshopper to set properties to geometry. Those properties improve your speed of work and create a good workflow from 3d engineering to production. Moving objects to layers, grouping or colouring them, most of the time you spend on setting up your Rhino Objects for printing, nesting or similar tasks will now be easier then ever.
FabTools consists of different UserObjects. An installation is not needed and you can drag them directly into Grasshopper.

Link to FabTools on Food4Rhino
Link to FabTools webpage
Link to FabTools - HowTo