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venerdì 11 marzo 2011

DigiBAG - support DigitAG& trip to LaN-Flight

Yesterday talking with Monika Wittig ... she said to me "would be great to have you joining our LaN-Flight" and i replied as a joke "i could make a paypal widget to support my trip". Thus the joke became real and she did the "JOIN LaNFLIGHT or DONATE for live feed by DigitAG&" paypal. Using it you can join LaN-Flight with a special "DigitAG&" discount or directly support my travel to USA for the first DigitAG& on site live report of the event. Actually we are focusing on "more digital <> more physical" issue .... trying to explore the physical-real emergent effects of increasing digital interactions. This maybe can be a good test for it!

So if you want to join the LaN-Flight or support this first attempt ......"push the Pay Now button on the side "!!!

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