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giovedì 5 febbraio 2009

Command & Control

Blog di Skylar Tibbits, Simon Kim e Juhong Park dedicato al workshop di Rhinoscript "Command & Control" che si tiene in questo periodo presso il MIT. Interessante, oltre al fatto che ne siano pubblicati gli script, è anche la tematica affrontata:
"Design an emergency architecture for crisis times. If pavilions are architectural typologies for the predictable or the leisurely, the architectural inversion would address the unexpected and the immediate. This connotes a certain temporality - speed of deployment, indeterminate staging, mobility – as well as spatial requirements of envelope, material, scale.
The site is one of crisis – recent events are an excellent source, with their domain of criteria. For example, property destruction by weather or attack certainly has issues identified above, but what of financial market destruction? Data drawn from crashing stock points is data to be manipulated like any other, and available for spatial-temporal investigation.
The control of this data from crisis and its negotiation of responsive form, and its making from the digital to the fabricated is the core of this project."

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