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martedì 16 febbraio 2010

NEWS 044

MadeInCalifornia - Image Field04
MadeInCalifornia - Phyllotaxis System 05b
ParaMod.net - Attractor Point with Range
Workshops Factory - Interwoven Systems
workshops factory - Prototyping the Interwoven Systems Project
Beyond The Light Bulb - Paneling for Grasshopper
peer produced space - Warsaw as an Emergent Structure – Em_Wwa 1.0 software prototype
peer produced space - Breeding Objects Experiment 01
urban future organization - genetic housing
urban future organization - particle engine components
ctrl-i - (im)material
ctrl-i - Gradient Patterns
ctrl-i - Catenary – Maya nCloth
morphocode - RABBIT 0.2 Preview: 2d/3d LSystems + Turtle Interpretation
paraMod.net - Document Template Tutorial with Rules
sac3's digital plastic - Grasshopper | Pixelated by UV and image sampler
sac3's digital plastic - Farthest 2 points on a curve
ALLABOUTCODE - Convert Bitmap to frit (circle dot)
Geometry Gym - Cape Town Rhino Users Group Meeting
Bios Design Collective - Colonia Techne – Beginnings
designplaygrounds - Pneumatic Panels "Revised" [rhinoscript]
LaN - LaN Focus: Fabricating for Haiti
Nathan Miller - Revit API: Mathematical Form-Making
Point B design - Mold Making
eat-a-bug - Kusner Minimal Surface
a-ngine - [Thesis] - Multiple Berlin
tobesch - Circlepacking within Curve Boundary
Dima's blog - Radiation Driven Facade Panels for Grasshopper

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