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lunedì 2 agosto 2010

NEWS 051

eSCRIPT-O - 100707-show me the experiment-House of Cubes(cards)- RhPy
eSCRIPT-O - 100716_WIP-RhPy recursive subdivision (gaussian curvature)
AltN research - Arduino Server – Grasshopper
Cerver.org - Maya Particle to Grasshopper
core.form-ula - craft series August 2010
Giulio Piacentino - WeaverBird 0.3 Common
The proving Ground - Making a Remote COM Connection to AutoCAD using VB.NET
The proving Ground - Feedback Cloud Lecture: Teaser Image 01
LegilDesign - Processing Mosaic
LegilDesign - Parametric Stairs in Grasshopper
Ernesto Bueno's blog - Launching Parametricismo
Ernesto Bueno's blog - Osseous Truss Pavilion
LaN - LaN Interview in July 2010 Digimag
LaN - Project for UDON Restaurant Madrid
@[uto] - Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010
Digital Toolbox - sDivide addendum
Digital Toolbox - trees
Nervous System - Barnacles
Digital Morphogenesis - Trending topics
peer produced space - Digital Relations in Architecture: PhD students symposium hosted by CITA in Copenhagen
eat a bug - Geometry of Structural Form
geometry gym - Sofistik CableNet from Grasshopper
geometry gym - Generate Finite Element model in Rhino and exporting back Stress Results
wework4her - Autodesk idea studio residency , san fransisco
far from equilibrium - Branching Pointset Reconstruction
far from equilibrium - Elementary Cellular Automata Aggregations
Sketches of Topology - Berge Tangle
LMNts - Sightlines and View Obstructions
Lift Architects - Firefly Build 1.002 (New Release)
Lift Architects - Firefly Primer for Build 1.002
fancyWires - Single Line Font
Digital Morphogenesis - Untangling Grasshopper – Part 1: Design patterns
studio Mode - The Business of Aura… Preparing for Installation

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