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lunedì 6 settembre 2010

f(AA)shions | AA Visiting School Paris

The workshop is open to worldwide emerging designers -in architecture and fashion design, students, recent graduates and young professionals.

Our objective is the exploration of novel productions in fashion and architecture.

Fashion scene today has become an ensemble of socio-morphological forces connecting people, catalyzing experimental open design. Fashion per se, with its affinity for transformation, sets a terrain of becomings, architectural identities, scenery and performance.

Within the ever-changing realm of fashion, AA Paris School will foster integral dynamic qualities opening to surprising typologies intrinsic to temporal bodies, fluid matter(s), and singular proportions, morphed together onto large organic systems.

- Jorge Ayala, Director
[Architect, MA Architectural Association School, Founder of [Ay]A Studio]
- Alexandra Verschueren, Fashion Designer
[Master in Fashion Design, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp]
- Marc Fornes, Architect, AA March
[March Architectural Asoociation School, Principal of THEVERYMANY]
- Marco Verde, Eng, March
[Assistant Professor, HYPERBODY, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft]
and others

Period: 21-31 March 2011

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