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giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Blog Binturong

"We are Jason Lim and Asami Takahashi of Atelier Panda. We created Blog Binturong in order to share some of our thoughts, techniques and code. As designers, we are constantly inspired by the amazing work that is shared online and learn immensely from the knowledge that is freely distributed. The design world is greatly enriched by this spirit of generosity. This blog collects some of the generative code, underlying thoughts and techniques of making that goes into our work. A lot of this knowledge has been developed over the course of our design projects: some of it earned through costly trial-and-error, some of it the results of happy accidents, all of it benefiting from resources made available by other designers. This is our way of contributing knowledge back to the wider community. We hope that its contents can be useful and even inspiring to you."

I want to underline the post "Straight to Fabrication" where they announce:

"We are working on a grasshopper component (for version 0.7) that lays out the cutting patterns on a flat sheet. It will incorporate some form of packing logic to reduce material waste. With this component, any changes in the parametric relationships of the grasshopper model will result in automatically updated cut sheets. We plan to release the component once it is done so check back soon or visit Atelier Panda."

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"Straight to Fabrication"

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