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giovedì 12 maggio 2011

ECO_LOGIC HABITAT WS - June 27th - July 9th 2011

ECO_LOGIC HABITAT workshop of performative self-construction

June 27th - July 9th 2011
by Paolo Cascone/CodesignLab
2 weeks of full immersion at Casa dell'Architettura di Roma

in collaboration with:
Fabrizio Carola - NEA e Aga Khan Award Architect
AKT engineering (London)

High-tech design / low-tech-construction

Given the urgent need for a sustainable design able to respond to emergency conditions (social/environmental) this workshop is a concrete opportunity for building a scale 1 to 1 prototype of an eco_logic habitat. The design to manufacture process intends to speculate on temporary and environmentally responsive architectural solutions using low-tech and fast deployment construction techniques.

Thanks to Paolo Cascone's innovative approach in the field of ecological design, the 30 years experience of self-construction projects in Africa of Fabrizio Carola and the tremendous experience of AKT engineering in the field of complex structures, this workshop proposes a new way to bridge high-tech design process and low-tech construction.

This workshop will involve both students and tutors on a two phases project: phase 1 / studio based (parametric modelling and environmental simulations) and phase 2 / self-construction based. This with the aim to explore the cause-effect relations between the material system and its performances according to programmatic and spatial needs.

The construction of the scale 1 to 1 eco_logic habitat prototype will be the output of the environmental parametric design master class directed by Paolo Cascone with the aim of unifying theory with practice trough a self-construction experience. The final prototype will be realised in the garden of the House of Architecture in Rome, the opening of the installation will be the 9th of July with a ceremony open to the public.

Admission Requirements
Eligible individuals must be graduate students in architecture, urban design, engineering, or related disciplines.

The deadline for submitting an application is May 25th, 2011

website: Inarch
email : inarch@inarch.it

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