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lunedì 10 settembre 2012

GOAT 1.3 - Grasshopper optimization solver

'GOAT is an optimization solver component for Rhino's Grasshopper. Optimization affects shape, weight, cost and is a driving force of a modern design process. goat provides tools to solve design problems as optimization problems.

Optimization was introduced to the Grasshopper community with David Rutten's galapagos. Galapagos is an evolutionary optimization approach, and as such is based on a randomized core.

goat perfectly complements galapagos by pursuing a mathematical more rigorous approach. It relies on gradient-free optimization algorithms, delivering fast and deterministic results. At every run, goat will yield the same optimal result.

goat is a drop-in replacement for galapagos. It is based on David Rutten's galapagos GUI and interfaces NLopt, a collection of mathematical optimization libraries. goat was developed in joint work with Heinz Schmiedhofer and Martin Reis from feasible.'

Link to 'GOAT' website
Link to 'GOAT' grasshopper group

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