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domenica 14 agosto 2011

Relational Geometries

Blog of the course:
ARC 440/640: Computer Applications
Relational Geometries
Spring 2011
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York
Instructors: Omar Khan and Nicholas Bruscia

"Course Description

This techniques seminar introduces students to the next generation of computer aided design tools that facilitate movement between modeling and material prototyping. It will explore methods and techniques of parametric modeling; an approach to design that frames the problem of form-making as an interaction of multiple material systems. We will take the topic of parameters and variables as a theme to be interrogated through different types of computing , including NURBS modeling in Rhinoceros 4.0, scripting in Grasshopper 0.8 (or newest release), physical computing with the Arduino microcontroller and rapid prototyping with the Universal Laser Cutter, ZCorp 3D printer, CNC Router and Plasma Cutter. The semester will be broken into 2-3 week problems that will focus on specific methods and technologies. We will take inspiration from formal organizations found in nature that aggregate, cluster, crowd, flock, and flow. These will be studied carefully to understand how their dynamic behavior articulates itself into form.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

The course's objective is to use current digital design tools to develop productive techniques for architectural design. Students will become proficient in the use of these tools as well as cognizant of their potential affordance within the design and fabrication process."

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